Does everything happen for a reason?

16 Jan








I am mesmorised by the process I’m in right now, but fascinated. I’ve managed to lock myself into myself.

It’s day seventeen of  postaday2011 , I’ve posted at least fifteen poems and four topics and I’m alternatively exhausted and exiliharated.

It’s not the actual work that’s doing it…the posts are relatively short. Of course the poetry is increasingly difficult, day in day out, but;

a) how many subjects can I find each day ? How can I find poetry EVERY SINGLE DAY/

b) why is this suddenly so important?

I have never written this way and I have this constant conversation going on. Usually I write when I want to write which usually means when I’m compelled to write, which usually means that the writing almost does itself, and certainly appears to be more meaningful.

What postaday2011 seems to be doing is drawing me out of myself, away from what I know, into God-Knows-What.

Yes I hear in my own voice, that thing that happens when people go on retreat, or writers to workshops and I find it hilarious. It’s like I’m in a course of my OWN making.

I don’t know when it will happen, and I’m absolutely terrified of what is going to come before that, which I know HAS to be failure in my own eyes and a re-negotiation of expectation, but I’m sure of it already, that when I get to day 365, I’ll be a different writer to what I am now.

Bleh! Wah! That just came out!

Ok. Does everything happen for a reason? I’m looking forward to reading all the clever posts about this because it sticks out to me as a topic that someone could be REALLY clever about.

For me;

Everything must happen for a reason, because it’s happening. Everything comes from somewhere. The question seems to ask, ‘can we interfere with those reasons?’

Was there a reason you;

-went to the college that you did?

-married the woman that you did?

-had the kids that you had?

-signed up to postaday2011?

Of course there was.

Is there fate behind these reasons, these choices?

Someone once told me that when coincidence starts showing up in your life, you better pay attention because something is happening.

Today an Uncle of mine, a very senior government official, called me over to his house. He wanted me to meet the Bhrama Kumaris. It’s a spiritual organisation. I got there, and we meditated, and it was all so strange.

In my college days, I did Jesus, I did Krsna, I read the Quran.

I starved and meditated and marvelled in all this new space.

So here I am, this Guru (a sweet, little Indian lady) is talking and I’m surrounded by a hundred normal looking devotees, and listening to hypnotic suggestion through CD and staring at the red picture of a point of light, radiating beams, hanging to the side of this Guru, and at the gold microphone, and the white robes and feeling nothing more than mild relaxation.

Honestly it was like a very bad movie. I was stunned at the blocks that came up. How far away have I come from that?

Anyway, then the Guru says that it’s good to only have only one thought for the year and hers is ‘don’t wait for tomorrow.’

I thought about that. I’ve heard it so many times, but i thought about that today, and it occurred to me that this whole year, everything, postaday2011, has been about that for me, and it has been coming years.

Don’t wait for tomorrow.

ok. I won’t.

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9 responses to “Does everything happen for a reason?

  1. Destination Infinity

    January 17, 2011 at 04:55

    Don’t wait for tomorrow is a good message indeed. I guess your actions and deeds ought not wait, but results can.

    Destination Infinity

  2. melodydemone

    January 17, 2011 at 10:10

    It’s interesting, as a writer, I can relate, I seem to be in a constant state of inspiration, that I cannot switch off, it’s too late to turn back if I wanted too

  3. starbear

    January 17, 2011 at 16:48

    Found you by way of post a day 2011 “Likes” – Thank you.
    Welcome to a different world around the world. You poetry hit me – nicely.
    Mine is at
    Writing – as you say – venturing into new areas… interesting the challenges we accept… reasons? Challenging self to unreasonable. The things to write about follow me everywhere, pop up constantly. Seems we are all inspiring each other to speak out…
    Snow in Africa? A place I would love to visit. You are a filmaker… ever make a film about snow? Anansi – storyteller. Nice to “meet” you through your words.

    • kolembo

      January 17, 2011 at 17:36

      thank you. Wandered through your randomactsofthinking and time flashed by. i like it so much i’ve linked it on my poetry.

  4. starbear

    January 17, 2011 at 17:40

    Thank you, glad you enjoyed – the wandering. Thank you for the link! I just wrote a post about your blogs with links… synchronicity.

  5. Tilly Bud

    January 19, 2011 at 14:14

    That’s excellent advice.

  6. Hanna Wilbur

    February 28, 2011 at 19:45

    Almost my whole life I feel like I already have a GPS in my head that’s pointing me here-there-go left-go right. When I’m feeling unsure about life and decide to not listen to that GPS, I kind of get lost. Then, in the end, it’s better trusting my GPS.

    There was this time in junior high I could sense this strong energy from someone. Someone I swear I haven’t met or saw before. I only finally met this person in University (first year), and have watched over him since then. I don’t know why, but my GPS says so (to watch over him). Oh, and this guy is not my husband.

    Does this make any sense?


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