POSTING BY PHONE: Android and Symbian

20 Jan


I’m still off broadband and coming from my phone so I thought I’d post something of my experience for those who may be thinking of doing the same.

First off, some quick background info, when I’m back on broadband I’ll beef it up with some links for you.

There are two ways to post on wordpress using your mobile device,

1. Using the wordpress application, (download for SYMBIAN here and for ANDROID here)
2. Using your mobile browser (OPERA here, BOLT here, DOLPHIN/SKYFIRE, visit android market )

Mobiles work on a variety of software platforms, the two largest being Android and Symbian.

These are the two I will be dealing with here, and looked at generally, Symbian would serve Nokia, and the older Samsung and Sony Ericsson devices, and Android, the newer Samsung and Sony Ericsson devices, along with the vast majority of American offerings such as HTC

WordPress has worked closely with both Android and Symbian to make available the wordpress app on the Android Market for Android, and Ovi Store for Symbian.

I have not found an app for Java so none smart-phone owners must post using their mobile browsers, which I will get to in the second part of this post.

The wordpress app is delightful. I’m more impressed by wordpress than ever. Very few companies are so dedicated to quality of this standard, and wordpress has gone out of its way to make the mobile experience quick, easy and stable.

On start up, you are presented with a crisp wordpress logo and then moved onto a clean, funky interface with four main tabs; Comments, Posts, Pages and Stats.

Each tab has a menu thats easy to use. You can do evrything from here apart from tweak your blog characteristics.

What I like about the App, which is simillar in both Android and Symbian guises, is that it is intuitive and it is quick. It also supports mltimedia attachments so your posting experience mirrors your broadband experience right down to saving drafts for future publishing.

The nicest thing about the App is that you can define how often it reads your comments and how it alerts you so your not using your email account as your portal to your messages, although of course, you must go there to approve, reply, etc.

It also handles media as long as you have it stored on your phone, so you can download pics, vids, etc to use and post straight from your phone.

Of course, as with everything mobile, watch your file attachment sizes, don’t go attaching huge files! Keep it simple. Still, it’s available…I had to use Batman yesterday as thats all I had on my phone.

It handles multiple blog accounts with ease and you are limited only by the spec of phone you bring to the party.

I used my Sony Ericsson mini x10 for yesterdays post. It has no pull out qwerty so using the virtual keyboard got tedious very quickly.

Today I’m on the Nokia C6 which is alot easier because it has a pull-out keyboard.

Still, I would suggest that you have a couple of drafts pre-saved which you can then fine tune and send on your commute to work, or at the bar trying to pick someone up whilst looking suitably non-chalant as in my case.

The one thing you can NOT use the App for is browsing wordpress in general.

This brings me to the second way you can post from your mobile and that is through your mobile browser.

In all cases, Android AND Symbian, Opera mini is the superior browser in terms of speed.

For Android, Dolphin HD and Skyfire are very close seconds.

I need to add here now that this method works for ALL phones that support internet connections.

A surprising find was the Java based BOLT browser, a real revelation.

It is Java based so compatible ACROSS the board.

It is stunningly quick.

It renders in FULL page, which is excellent for smart phone users (NOTE: If you know your phone is not up to it, you need a quick processor and good RAM, go with BOLT Lite, you can hardly tell the difference)
It’s fully flash supported so videos, audio and pictures are all available.

NOTE: to simply browse wordpress you point your browser to and to POST you direct to brings up the wordpress gadget (I really am impressed with wordpress)

OK, immediately the difference to the app can be felt, no flashy logo, no graceful interface.

It’s a four by four, straight-up, no non-sense, put-up-your-post-and-split experience.

It does not support media. So, none of that. Write your witty post and publish it period.

Still, it’s very fast and very simple.

That’s it then. I feel strange posting without image though!

I hope this was useful to you all, now you can get your posts in from anywhere.

If you have comments e.t.c, please let me have them, especially on your own experiences, the devices you’re coming from e.t.c, and I’ll compile the info and redo this particular post as an on-going resource.

I’m sure people would like to just link on from many of the issues I’ve covered and I’ll do that as soon as I’m up.

Happy mobile blogging!

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5 responses to “POSTING BY PHONE: Android and Symbian

  1. Titirangi Storyteller

    January 21, 2011 at 09:47

    I’ll make sure to pay my internet bill! Yeah – I’m tech savvy – but there’s new stuff I just don’t WANT to learn! Ha ha!

  2. Reza

    February 13, 2011 at 19:38

    Good article – Opera Mobile is infact a great browser and lets you use even the heaviest of the websites / webapps with brreeze.

    Maybe you could add another solution to your list, which i just installed on my blog. The solution is by Wapple, – its called mobile architect, it is available on the wordpress plugins page and i’m impressed.

    Made me forget wordmobi and the native symbian wordpress solution!

  3. Nurhusien

    May 6, 2011 at 17:09

    find world blog Application on my phone nokia E63

  4. Angelica

    June 12, 2011 at 01:25

    Hey, really good article!
    I do have a question about wordpress and Nokia N72 which is the symbian mobile that im using. I tried finding and app on Ovi that suited my phone but didnt find one. Then I found your article. I tried downloading the app to my phone but it still doesnt work for me, i guess its not gonna work on E72. When i installed it i got to error messeges about component Qt is missing and then component QtMobility is missing. Since I dont know anything about this im not sure if im doing something wrong or if its just my phone that’s not working.

    Would really appreciate an answer (thou its been almost 6 months since you posted this)

    Greetings from sweden


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