If I could live forever…

28 Jan



Live forever.

There is a conundrum here. I have always wanted to know what lies BEYOND death and I do believe we have a conscious experience of life after death.

Having said that, one control; must have access to AS MUCH MONEY AS I WANT!

OK then, looking through history, I often wonder what it would feel like to have been born before say flight, and then lived long enough to fly.

Just the last hundred years has seen advancement like nothing before ever recorded. I’m sure there are Aliens initiating this.

So, one-hundred years from now. Do we get another Jesus? Does Michael Jackson return? Have we married the human body to machinery?

Two-hundred years from now. Do we live on different planets? Have we learned to move faster than the speed of light?

Three-hundred. Do we live longer? Are we a globe in a sea of others, or still separated by Nation.

OK, jump. Three million years to get us here. Don’t worry, I’m sure we felt things the same way back then, as we do now. Three million years forward? The mind boggles, ya, and I wouldn’t mind actually being there.

Thing is…maddness. How long before the sheer weight of ‘living forever’ descends? How long before this is it, and all there is, becomes too much to bear?

Not long me thinks. Not very long at all. I reckon the absolute maximum we could manage with the understanding of life we have at the moment is two-hundred years.


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One response to “If I could live forever…

  1. lesleehare

    January 31, 2011 at 00:34

    liking the thoughts behind this one in particular…


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