Gloria & I

01 Feb


Got a visit from my daughter today…very excited! I feel very strange. Must explain.

My father had a brother called Johnstone who was my best Uncle, a real hoot. He was an accountant at an insurance firm but he was boisterous and fun and made presents appear from behind his ear.

He also made the file from my first car accident disappear.

Older, and as an up-standing citizen, I shudder at what that meant for the driver of the other vehicle, and I will forever be sorry.

Disappear that file did and I have a niggling suspicion that my father paid that man, and that my uncle told him not to be angry with me.

He never said a word, and and years later when I told him the truth and that I was truly sorry, he smiled and said ‘I know.’

We never talked, me and my Dad, so I remember everything he said. I don’t understand why I was always so angry with him. If I could do it over…

Anyway, I was away for a long time and when I returned, I found my father very ill, and my Uncle dead. He’d had three wives, and the lot of them had died from HIV.

He had a daughter, 4 years old, who looked like me, and I became a single dad.

School, friends, feeding, growth-spurts, the full thing. I’m am so embarrassed…I mean I was twenty-five when we started…I was growing too, and at the PTAs, some of the parents had sons my age.

Sometimes I don’t think I did very well, but I was always there for her, and when it came for ‘the talk’, – first year of senior school – she was like, ya I know already, just don’t keep going from guy to guy, I’d like a proper family please.

She’s twenty-one now, 1st year of law school, (2nd in May she reminds me), and I feel honored when she visits and thankful when she calls. It is very, very strange.

I’m so proud of her, I could burst.

I am lucky and I thank God for what he’s made possible, so early in my life. I am plagued by not having been good enough, wanting to have another go at it.

I’m gonna put some money in her account for her tomorrow.

It’s what Daddy’s do.


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2 responses to “Gloria & I

  1. lightdance

    February 1, 2011 at 21:46

    It sounds like you both have been blessed. Nice story. Not so strange at all.

  2. lesleehare

    February 3, 2011 at 06:04

    Oh, how beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing, you both have lovely, lovely smiles! Best wishes! šŸ˜€


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