Who is your greatest hero?

03 Feb



Yup, that’s right, and he’s pink.

My greatest hero could have been Mandela, it could have been Kennedy, it could have been Bhutto. Hell for a while it was Reagan.

It could have Spiderman (skinny, lithe and cute!) it could have been Batman (human, and later, quite a brute), it could have been Wonder Woman (the bullet-proof bracelets! That lasso! Whittish!).

I’ve admired and respected real-life heros, and have wanted the abs of action-man figures, but most of all, I’ve admired and wanted to be, Pink Panther.

He’s French, he talks funny, and solves all his cases because he’s on the side of Good.

In Pink Panthers world, Evil is often glamourous, always demeaning. It colludes to ridicule him, to strip him of dignity, to turn him into a laughing stock.

He is punched, spat on, and never gets the girl.

Yet…life smiles on him.

He takes his job very, VERY seriously. He cannot abide injustice of any sort. He has no need for dignity or respect but will not abide these things being stripped from the helpless and the vulnerable.

For him, life is simple; he must perform his duty at all cost. He is called to it and is fully aware of how important he is to the world.

You see for him, though we don’t know it yet, nobody dies, and it’s important to get it right, right here, right now, because if we don’t we get spanked over there, by a very large man with a very big hand.

And Pink Panther doesn’t want anyone to be spanked.

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2 responses to “Who is your greatest hero?

  1. RNobilityNotraEin

    February 4, 2011 at 04:54

    Pink panther it is my friend, I admire your sheer, kick ass honesty, sincere words and quite obviously, the time you gave here my friend! Thanks for your support, I am a firm believer in support, especially altruism or an altruistic nature as you are indeed buddy… I’d feel bloody great if you’d be able to ever pass on my link, I can definitely/definitively throw some credence, help and the support you so deserve………——————;-) 😉

    -R.A.N. Peace Buddy!


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