Could I live without the internet?

07 Feb


Last night I managed to get my post in, just on time. We had a power out for roughly eighteen hours and I had to use my phone. I thought about what if (it happens sometimes), my phones had not been charged? All four of them?

I remember having to run down the corridor to receive a phone call.  I remember sitting infront of a type-writer all night, every night, writing my thesis. Tipex ruled.

I remember using phone booths to call long distance. And showing up for dates set up weeks in advance.

I remember my first computer. I was fourteen. It was the commodore 64…best games ever.

My friend wrote programs from their bedrooms in Pascal. They are millionares today.

Last night, I almost went mad. I paced the apartment relentlessly. I went to church (!). I ate lunch, and then ate lunch again. It did not occur to me to go out. It did not feel like I was free.


So frightening infact, that I’m going to take a weekend, schedule my posts, and camp out with the Bhrama Kumaris on a Meditation retreat. No phones, no lap-top.

You see, looking at it, ALL my friends are computer assisted matrix codes. I meet friends on line and potential sex partners in the real world. Somethings wrong with this picture I think.

It’s much easier to live on the internet. You are not seen, don’t have to ‘present’ yourself as such.

Actually, you do but you have control over your presentation. Too fat, too skinny, high-pitched laugh, bad skin…etc…not known. Then again nor are the great laugh and startling eyes.

There is no risk. I think that’s what it is. You risk far less, reaching out in a system that’s essentially black space…like tentacles of an anemone in the deepest sea you taste the environment, poking here, prodding there, retracting lightening fast if you contact chemistry that seems to burn.

Without risk there is less investment…in an emotional sense that is…I know people who invest an inordinate amount of time creating internet personas.

I read in a post somewhere this week; tell the truth about yourself, no matter what the cost.

In my life, it is the times when the costs were high, that I moved the fastest, the furthest, the lightest.

I am prepared to look at myself again, without the filtering of the internet.

I’m not sure who I’ll find.


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2 responses to “Could I live without the internet?

  1. penpusherpen

    February 7, 2011 at 14:27

    I think, personally, that whoever we are comes across when we do blogs like this, I mean I get a certain picture in my mind, cold be erroneous but I don’t think you’re a sex maniac, a murderer, or a potential serial hacker…could be wrong on all counts, but I don’t think so… 😉
    I myself don’t blog as such, I suppose, I just share myself and ideas through poems and stories, and I must give away clues as to how I feel about life, what’s important to me and certain things which happen from day to day…alright no photo’s or info about how I look, other than this up to date gravitar which I ’embossed’… so, I suppose the mystery is a key factor to being online. Saying that, the internet to me is a tool, to be used…not become used by, in that I bank online, I get info online, I chat to my BF online, sometimes I shop online but with a certain amount of trepidation, and I feel safe-ish, except when the ‘virus checker’ tells me it’s quarantined something nasty, then I panic..!!!
    but overall, I treat the Internet like a freind who enables me to communicate + have relaxation time out… Reality is work and my Border Collie, work and play type of thing…
    Sorry, this has turned into a mini blog…just enjoyed your question theme, and I suppose my answer would be not really, but at a pinch I could…and when the power goes down I have too. lol!! xPenx

  2. Tilly Bud

    February 8, 2011 at 14:56



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