Believing, and then not. Or, not believing, then believing.

09 Feb



I feel like a little child today. My heads in a knot, can’t lie. The Page is Blank. I wrote something on a domestic issue I found when I visited my mother, looked at it, then trashed it.

I went to my poetry blog, looked at the piece I put up yesterday – On public displays of wealth – and felt sorry for lovers world-wide.

Why did I write that piece, why I ask. I mean, actually, I LIKE seeing young couples in love.

I came across a couple blog in here who were quite nasty. Felt very un-wanted and did a BLARGH! I’m reading that poem, and although I like it, there’s something about it that just isn’t me. Usually, even though my poems can be harsh, they always leave something for somebody at the end.

This one leaves dead space. I’m very concerned about it.

Someone once told me that once you get a poem, then it has a reason. Well, I’m sure this one does but, I’m unhappy with it and have my knickers in a twist. If I don’t like it, why did I put it up?

Well, I do like it…it makes me giggle…but I don’t like it, what about the couple?

Sigh. Such is the weight of life eh.

If I ‘believe’, I should follow my heart, then the poems fails me. If I believe that all writing serves a purpose, then…still it fails me. Can bad come out of good intention? What do you do with that?

So. I’m arguing with this poem. Do I BELIEVE what I’ve written or is it a smoke-screen? Some of you have been following me a while – The Laughing Housewife – thanks for the comment.

Is something worth fighting for if you don’t believe it?

You know, I’m going to leave it up there just to remind me because this poem makes me feel dirty! It’s very hard doing this in public. Maybe I’ll learn something. Or maybe I’ll take it down and burn it.


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4 responses to “Believing, and then not. Or, not believing, then believing.

  1. penpusherpen

    February 9, 2011 at 17:50

    you’ve put your own interpretation on the poem, and can’t see that others will do the same, their own view will colour the words you are trying to distance yourself from…
    Don’t argue with the poem, embrace it, it;s a part of you…WAS a part of you…now it’s done…

  2. lightdance

    February 9, 2011 at 21:00

    I didn’t leave a comment when I first read the poem in question because I was afraid I didn’t “get” your meaning. No point embarrassing myself, right? I did love the imagery and the words you chose. Now, without revealing that I still might not get the meaning, I will comment to say that a poem, like a photo, needs a reader (viewer) to make it complete. I am sometimes surprised to find out that one of my photos means something quite different than what I intended to someone else, but that doesn’t mean it’s less mine. Maybe it makes it richer, deeper, and makes me see it with new eyes, too. It’s a good thing to question yourself so that you have more information going forward. -k-

    • kolembo

      February 9, 2011 at 21:47

      hey, thanks you two. Ya, this one was strange. Like I know this, but I’ve never felt so far away from a poem. Learning. ‘Twas an experience. I haven’t thought about ‘audience’ before…did so for the poem ‘Dreams of Black Incompetence’ but that was in the sense that the piece is strong.

      This one came in two pieces; it’s original is actually about washing the shit of life of you…this one is about, I guess, being careful who you show off too, being humble with the presents you receive in life.

      But I only MADE it that way, because I wrote, AFTER I’d had that run-in with the couple. It has been very strange.

      I did think though, that there’d be bumps in the road when I began, so maybe I’m over-reaching, and perhaps there’s a story in that too.

      I’m ADHD and I know I’m on it because I’ve written an essay/reply to my own comment!

      Should I delete it or not? Haha! No, you are entirely right. It’s done, leave it, carry on.

  3. Tilly Bud

    February 10, 2011 at 11:02

    We’ve all had those feelings, so you are as normal as the rest of us. The poem expresses how you felt at one moment in your life; it doesn’t matter how fleeting it was: the poem is valid.

    If I remember correctly, you got quite a lot of comments, so it clearly touched a nerve with a lot of your readers – the poem did its job!

    Please don’t take it down. It is what it is.


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