My dream vacation pt.2

10 Feb


Right, I like vacations.

Yup, I love em.

I’m not a leisure driven vacation seeker though, there has to be activity. I don’t work a nine to five job so I have plenty of time to ‘relax’ built into my schedule on a monthly sort of basis.

I’ve got to have lot’s to do.

My first choices are big cities, any big cities, even cities I’ve done before. I love London and New York, London, more because it’s larger.

It’s flat like a chapati, and spreads out for miles. It doesn’t really have boundaries; it just kinda oozes out like a block of chocolate melting in the sun. There’s a lot to do, and once you get to know the people, (which, is harder than in New York…but safer!), you can actually make friends.

New York is dazzling but fake, sorry. Underneath the surface, there is very little there. I found that the tag, ‘the city that never sleeps‘, is mis-leading. It’ true it never stops moving but that movement is mainly work. The people who are awake are mainly coming in and out of different time-zones and those who service them, many just flowing through the city, most of them not native, and even if ‘relaxing’, doing so as part a larger schedule.

There is a vast amount of art there however, and lectures and seminars etc, and stuff is New and cutting edge, but it’s a city of students studying, tourists touring and Artists performing. You’ve got to live there, somewhere like Brooklyn or one of the other suburbs to ‘get it’.

The Eastern cities, Hong Kong, Taipei, Kuala Lumpar and so forth, are very interesting and cultural and modern but global art (if there is any such thing) is just emerging so you tend to do a lot of historical site-seeing.

The ‘business’ of having fun is something you have to experience. People work VERY HARD at having fun, and even harder at being SEEN having fun! Wah, it’s hilarious the karaokes, the organised dancing, the very formal eruption of, and conclusion to, laughter.

European cities, Paris, Rome etc have a wonderful mix of both, but it can be a very lonely experience. It’s very old world, the art scene is modern but insular, the social problems are such that you begin to play your role in strata, pretty much as soon as you land. Steeped in tradition, immobile, as an outsider, you can break the boundaries but  you do that alone.

There are many cities I haven’t done, that I would love to do; I’ve never seen the West Coast of America, nor set foot on Australian soil. Africa, even different countries than my own, feel far too familiar to excite me, but it’s a fabulous continent to visit if you want to experience site, sound and life that is completely new, and the cities are growing very fast.

India is another place I have never visited and it calls…oh it calls.

However, my dream holiday would be…A CRUISE!

Ya, the idea of a large number of people bunched together for a long time, with no place to go, excites me no end. There would have to be activities and things though, courses, and work-shops and lectures and so forth, treasure hunts and games like dinner musical chairs…I’m a sucker for bonding, not all people are.

I have this niggling suspicion that the IDEA of a cruise where you get to meet people and explore ports of call together is a myth.

I have this feeling that it’s actually like a giant moving apartment block with the rich on top, the poor at the bottom and nervous singles smiling at each other while clutching at their towels, and oleder couples or newly weds who have no inclination whatsoever to meet and mingle.

And organised Laugh Classes.

Oh, take me on a space flight with a computer named HAL.



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4 responses to “My dream vacation pt.2

  1. Tilly Bud

    February 10, 2011 at 12:37

    That’s the best description of London I’ve ever heard. Wonderful.

  2. penpusherpen

    February 10, 2011 at 14:12

    I enjoy visiting London, I ‘feel’ the history, the sense that ages have seeped into some of the oldest parts, seeped almost into the brickwork, which if only it could speak could ‘spin a yarn’ of ages long…, and that I’m walking the paths that so many have trod before me, which eyes have marvelled at and voices have spoken about… Yes I enjoy London..
    BUT a cruise?… I would say to you, have fun….but not for me…to be tied to eating, sleeping, conversing and ….did I mention tied… to one group. doesn’t appeal…but then that’s the joy of us humans, we were all made to differing specifications…. 😉
    and you know what happened with Hal? That voice I can still hear in my ears, that calmness of true insanity….
    Enjoyed your blog ass usual, made me think and type (hopefully correctly) at a speed as thoughts were fighting each other to get in this comment box…..xx

  3. penpusherpen

    February 10, 2011 at 14:15

    see? I typed so fast I went wrong..and am blushing madly… ‘your blog as usual’ not ‘ass’ 😉 …Pfffft!!! xx


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