Good-looking, or smart?

12 Feb



Good-looking please, straight away, immediately, toute suite!

Why lie? Cannot. First of all, is it an either or question (he asks, looking for a way out!)?

Secondly, ‘good-looking’ changes from place to place, from person to person, if you know what I mean.

OK, we’re all reasonably good-looking (ya, I know…I’m copping out!) but, yes, there IS good looking, isn’t there? And intelligence is over-rated. I’m above average intelligent and where, early on it was fun to be able to see, distill, reduce, understand quicker than everyone else, it’s become more important to listen, to be humble, to participate, to be honest.

No, really. No kidding.

Ever been around someone who knows everything? Not arrogantly, just does? And if they don’t they will logically dissect what it is that is not known, identify the most efficient way of uncovering such, and immediately embark on experimentation?

Ok, in reality, perhaps I’d prefer to be rich. The extremely good-looking ALL seem to have f*&%$#%ed up lives, pardon my language. No they do, really.

I work with a lot of models and…well, if it works for them…but there is only so long I can discuss handbags and shoes, and go, ‘…oh yaaaaaa…’

Having said that, might I ask all the single people, men and women (adults only please), when the lights are off, do you imagine intelligence licking your nipples?

And if married, isn’t HE/SHE the one you dream about? And even then, don’t we all FANTASIZE while we’re ‘doing it’, sometimes?


Good-looking please.


Lemme just put on my mask.



N.B By the way…WHAT was up with Mubarak?! How can you wear the entire treasury of a country on your head? Apparently, that expensive wig was found swinging off a little shrub on the way to the airport, right beside a long stretch of skid marks.

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2 responses to “Good-looking, or smart?

  1. kshawnedgar

    February 12, 2011 at 12:41

    Mubarka’s wig on a shrub! That’s funny. Should have been his head on a pike.

  2. Hanna Wilbur

    February 26, 2011 at 21:08

    Well, I am blessed with both.
    I’m not complaining.


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