16 Feb



I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.

Looking around can be pretty depressing at times.

I wonder about the poor. I wonder how they look after their children. I hear stories of life in the streets in Brazil, in America, at home, I think about Iraq, and Afghanistan, and the West Bank.

I’m watching the Crime channel on telly and they’re promising an ‘exciting year’ ahead  – they’re doing a ‘murder-a-day’.

Yesterday it was about a boy called Mathew in University, who was stalked and killed by a boy from Germany called Dennis  over an on-line fight for a girl.

His parents knew nothing until the cops came to the door.

Stories of people caught in earthquakes, one on a young man who was eaten by a shark in front of his friends in Australia.

Personally, my mothers got Alzheimers, my sister lost a baby.

So why do good people face tragedy?

Like I said yesterday, I’m meditating with the Bramha Kumaris this year. They say that heaven, or where we go after we die, is a soul world full of silence, pervaded by the supreme soul.

They believe we are reincarnated until Karmic debt (that is, everything you’ve ever done, good and bad, is paid back in full)  is dissolved.

They give no reason for living, except that it is a World Drama that we must participate in.

And you don’t talk to God.

It troubles me that I am expected to understand that bad things happen to people because they have done bad in past lives. Am I to blame those who are experiencing pain and sorrow for the circumstances they find themselves in?


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P.S You know, I was going through a whole set of stock photos on EVIL, and in each one of them, there’s an image of a black man with gold chains and a gun. What’s THAT about?


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  1. Tilly Bud

    February 16, 2011 at 10:40

    You raise valid questions for which most of us have no answers, whatever our belief systems.

  2. penpusherpen

    February 16, 2011 at 13:27

    WE can only face what happens in this world ‘armed’ with our personal beliefs…I for one cannot say that a baby, a few months old died through it’s sin caused in a previous life… I feel and believe that there is no reasoning that can explain it away…It just happened… So much pain and suffering in this life, but balanced I think by the heroic deeds, and self sacrificing of people who go through life doing good no matter what they’re faced with…
    I try hard to do the same…’do as you would be done by’ is a maxim that I follow…
    There are many questions to be answered in this life of ours, maybe when we find the answers we are complete? I would like to think so…xPenx

  3. kolembo

    February 18, 2011 at 16:59

    I thought I’d post this entire comment because it’s a great response and adds to a question I’m sure to revisit at the end of the year.

    And because I am grateful for the time and effort that was obviously spent.

    There are many things here presented both ways, that both question and affirm my belief in God.

    Lately, God has become less deeply felt, less intense. Lately I am angry with God and feel abandoned.

    Still, the minute I am in pain, it is on God I turn. The second I experience a good outcome in life, again it is on God that I shower the praise.

    God for me, began Christian, but he no longer is. Nor is ‘he’ automatically ‘he’.

    I have been accused of ‘creating’ religion to suit my own ends, of bastardising religion.

    The way I believe in God creates paradox’s in my that I have learned to live with.

    I cannot deny that in my very darkest hour, I was confronted with a notion of love, a depth of love that changed my life and shapes it to this day. Yes it was an intensely private circumstance but I do not believe that I’d have lived were it not for the intervention. I certainly wouldn’t have chosen the path I did.

    And this is where the question comes in. So, have I made a successful life? I am racked by regret these days and find myself looking for an answer. This is what I am doing. I am sure I will find relief.

    The idea that success comes to individuals that have a net positive karma, and bad to those who have a net negative karma, is one that is newly present to me (where have I been all my life) and one that I am admittedly, having a hard time coming to grasp with.

    Whilst I was with the Landmark Forum (I’m a sucker for all of this), I encountered the idea that simply, we are responsible for everything that happens. We create it, we manage it (or not), to the extent that we own it, that we chose it.

    It did not work for me, but it seemed to work for others. Actually, something from everything seems to work for everyone, everywhere, and this question has only caused me to wonder what, if anything, remains the same for us all.

    I will continue to let you know what I have found.

    • Hanna Wilbur

      February 24, 2011 at 17:45

      @Kenneth: Both your replies are so long that I had to on purpose copy-paste it into Microsoft Word and make it bigger so I can read it better. Hahahah…
      Okay. Good thinking.

      @Who ever cares to listen: I kind of answered (my own personal answer of course, that might be different for other people) also this question in my blog
      1. While Putting up the Laundy… and then followed by
      2. Why do We Get Into Trouble?
      But, that is only my personal (simplified) comments about this subject. I may change my views according to new info


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