What was my last act of random kindness?

28 Feb

I’m watching this thing on Discovery on flight 93 on 9/11.

I’m listening to the stories from loved ones about those who were on board, who had to figure out what to do.

I am very hushed.

It’s a quiet evening and I’m on my phone. My twin sister is here from Norway with her husband, and it clear that they have done very well.

I am not sure how to react to it.

I do acts of random kindness everyday. The first time was in London. Things weren’t going on very well for me, I was out of a job, had no idea what I was going to do with my life.

I had twenty pounds in my pocket and was wondering the streets just thinking about myself.

Around a corner I bumped into what I thought was a gypsy lady begging for money. I walked straight by, then stopped.

Something told me to give, so I gave her my money. It’s the last time I’ve ever given everything away…I haven’t had the courage since.

Sounds weird but I promise you that very shortly after, I had my first degree, and was headed to the States for a second, and that, that moment stands out in my mind as a turning point.

Whenever I am able to do something for someone, I do what I can.

I have found that the most important thing you can offer is your time.

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