Shriek! Where’s today’s topic?

05 Mar



Ok you lot. What have you done with Scott Berkun?

Own up, come on, you can’t hide. I’ve had you under surveillance. You’re gonna have to go back to that well you dumped him in and fish him out. I can’t work like this. As it is, I’m an hour away from my deadline and I simply can’t think without a topic.

So yes.

Go find him.


Meanwhile, I’ll do a short ramble.

I have tickled myself no end today. It’s Saturday, and I’ve managed to be extremely busy doing nothing at all! Yup. I woke up in good time, got some stuff ready for my poetry blog, and then I don’t know who stole my time.

It’s an hour before my post and when I went back to the work I’d put down for the blog, I was horrified! I couldn’t make it work. So it’s going to have to be what it is. I am determined to whip myself to pulp if I have to.


So this writing gig’s not so easy after all. I have a great deal more respect for those bloggers out there who know what they’re doing.

I know an accountant who works at a tax office, runs a family and blogs, intelligent, consistent stuff. I know a laughing housewife who’s output is not only prodigious but, witty, funny and fulfilling too. I know poets who throw stuff about like it comes to them everyday in the shower.

Well. Obviously I’m missing something.

Still, I’m here and this month has got to come to an end, and I mean now. I’m convinced that the world will end before Easter, and I won’t have to beat myself about missed blogs.

Actually, I’ve been lazy, no excuses. There are many times I feel I should have blogged on just any old thing I was interesting in blogging about and didn’t.

Having these topics has spoiled me a little bit – my approach isn’t correct. They were supposed to be stuff that I use to keep me writing (it’s done that) alongside actually putting down the things I was experiencing (that’s gone out the window.), and this must be the most inane post I’ve put out thus far!

Right then…where is Scott?

AND, if you check out today’s poem (when I get it up in a half hour), ANY ideas on where it’s going will be accepted most gratefully.

-visit my poetry blog – Tomatos, Oranges and Other Fruit

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One response to “Shriek! Where’s today’s topic?

  1. Rajiv

    March 5, 2011 at 23:36

    😀 nice post Kolembo 🙂 Didn’t you know, Today they have bear party at Scott’s place… WP team is out there.. 😉
    Nice and witty stuff 🙂
    ~Krazy Memoirs


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