Telling the truth and other such musts!

08 Mar





When? When it’s better to tell the truth, no matter what, which is ALL the time – and not an easy thing to do.

Have you ever stopped yourself mid-sentence, thought about what you’re saying and then corrected yourself immediately? In my early twenty’s while I was doing KRSNA (…smiles…I seem to have gone visiting everyone that said they were coming from God…) I realised, with horror, the amount of white-lies that dripped off me.

All of them were related in someway, to making the present situation better for me. Did you do you’re homework? Where have you been? Did you pay that bill? Why didn’t you call? All that stuff (I’m not revealing the big stuff OK, so bugger off!)

So I decided for one year to correct ABSOLUTELY everything that was incorrect.

It was horrendous at first, people thought I was either mad, rude, in-sensitive, earnest mushy or upset. Like I’d say something, and then immediately go into correcting it…where have you been…oh a run to the supermarket – no, I was upset with that thing about the dishes and went to the pub! On and on, worse when I couldn’t face it, and then had to go half way across town (London is a big city) just to say that when I had said that I hadn’t seen Clare, I had in fact met her and she’d asked me to tell you what I did – and then go half way the other side and explaining to Clare why I did what I did and that I was sorry, and then travel back to dorms and get my homework done….on and on.

I tell you what. That turned out to be the best year of my life. I have never been more solid, more fearless, more sure of myself, I have never stood with myself so firmly and with so much pride.

You know, just thinking about it, I’ve made up my mind to do it again. Next year.

It’s the same for saying sorry you know.

The other time I think it’s better to be safe than sorry is when something calls you to PICK THAT PHONE AND CALL. Just do it, and do it immediately, whether you’re a runaway child, a worried parent, an angry friend.

Especially an angry friend! Of all the things to make a mess of, friendship is the easiest and the most costly. The others life will help repair. With a friend, you’re on your own.

Waiting is the worst thing you can do.



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