If I could write from anywhere…

12 Mar



This reads like a license to holiday.

I actually already work from anywhere everywhere) already. From home ( a lot ) from offices when attached, on planes, in cars, on the loo (mobile).

In fact, I’m always in a position to write, blog, edit, produce manuscripts. It just doesn’t happen, I distract myself in every conceivable manner.

I’ve written before, about the pros and cons of working for yourself. It ALL comes down to DISCIPLINE.

How much time you spend working.

What EXACTLY you’re working on at any given time.

What EXACT time you START, and what EXACT time you stop.

How much you make from each task; how much from each check to distribute to which EXACT accounts.

It’s very difficult to do. With the convenience it tends to look like you’re either working ALL the time, or not actually working enough, although every minute of your day is taken up by something.

It’s messy.

With writing, the most excruciating days are those when you’re having to work REALLY HARD to get anything at all, and coming up blank. All the material seems to SUCK, all your concerns are self-centered, a ‘woo-is-me’, mood, all-pervasive.

It’s horrible.

So rather than writing WHEREVER I want, I would love to be inspired WHENEVER I want.

I’m learning that the inspiration is always there, really, it’s the access to it that wavers. How to cut out all those blocks, much of it to do with confidence and inadequacy/

You tell me. Breaks from writing seem to work sometimes but then I fight with the discipline of the choice to write everyday.

If I could write WHENEVER I wanted, I’d love to write all morning, from 6am to noon, produce prodigious amounts of material, and then have the rest of the day free from worry, to do exactly what I please.

Which would be, to write.



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