Chocolate or Vanilla?

13 Mar



This could mean a lot of things.

First of all, I’m exhausted. I’ve had my Sister in from Norway, my mother-in-law in from Uganda, a huge family party today that’s still dying down…I have a group of fastidious drinkers ensuring that the Walker is done proper justice.

I had an excellent beginning of the week, but since Thursday I’ve been a wreck, I haven’t been able reply to my email, visit my usual blogs and I’m just gonna have to wipe the board clean and start afresh. I feel bad doing it but hey…don’t realy need to read EVERY day eh?

Chocolate, Vanilla, Choose.

There is a group of people who call themselves ‘The Landmark Forum’ who use this example as a metaphor for choosing what you want in life.

The basic gist of it is that you must choose who you are.

So if you’re a woman, ‘…I choose woman.’. If you’re married, ‘…I choose married.’

The idea is that whatever you resist, ends up controlling your life.

So if you’re given a Vanilla ice-cream, and had nothing to do with why…choose it anyway.

It has an odd logic to it.


I like BOTH Chocolate AND Vanilla.

Vanilla is for special occasions (and it’s got to be authentic vanilla pod) because it’s so powerful. It lingers long after you’ve had it…sticks to your fingers.

I have a slight problem with it because it smells very baby, very female, and both frighten me sometimes.

I do all chocolate, especially cognac filled cups, I love good quality chocolate, bits of dark bitter, lots of almond, walnut…e.t.c.

And I love Bailey’s on the rocks…although, I haven’t been to the pub since New Years.

Love you all, shooting from the hip, later!


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