My muse, my muse….the world for my muse!

19 Mar



So, here we are. Good topic for me.

My muse…lemme tell you, my muse has gone on extended break and left no notice of return. It’s the third day I haven’t posted a poem and you know…I have this feeling that I’m fighting myself.

My muse has always been a fickle thing. It comes from mood. This postaday thing is supposed to be teaching me that it can come from discipline and work…but that’s not my experience.

Often my work comes from dreams, sometimes from meditation, a few times from exercise…you know…let’s try and write something on (picks from the hat).

Always it is accompanied by mood, and always by image. I’ve written off music before…I got a very good film from a song once. It’s the mood it manufactures though.

This week I’ve been in a foul mood, and everything I put on paper reeks of it!

So anyway, I’ve put everything off until tomorrow when I EXPECT to receive all the missing days in a lump-sum payment.

Are you there God?

Oh yeah, and also, I learn that I speak to him an awful lot. Beam me up.



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3 responses to “My muse, my muse….the world for my muse!

  1. Hanna

    March 20, 2011 at 19:10

    I think I heard God say: Why not read OTHER PEOPLE’S POSTS?

  2. The Hook

    March 30, 2011 at 20:17

    Nicely done!


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