Day Seventeen, Pt2 – Forgiving your friends

12 Mar



I’m home now.

I’m just watching footage of the Japanese Tsunami.

I had no idea how bad it was. Villages were swept away.

I remember the scale of the one on the Asian coast. What was the final number?

It’s the whole, families, villages, cities thing that gets me.

The silent retreat this weekend was very DEEP for me.

I learned that self love is where you start.

I learned it leads to self-respect.

I learned that detachment does not mean disconnection.

I will feel, I will be in situations, I will be with people – but – if I place myself in love and self respect – then I can observe the situation and be of help, rather than succumb to anger, or resentment, or panic.

I’ve re-discovered that Truth actually, is everything.

I heard that God loves me, that we are living in funny times and the world is going to be pummeled by natural disasters of epic proportions.

This is a prediction based on the way things seem to be going,by people who claim affinity with these sort of things.

I am learning to love people I don’t even know.

So tonight, round the camp fire, looking at Jesus, I am beginning to understand that this man loved people he never met. People who beat him up and then killed him.

I feel very special…but I want to ask…why? Why does he love us? Jesus? Ok…he was a man so perhaps he learned that he wanted to be loved and if so, then everyone does.

But god? Why does HE love us? Me?

Is he mad?

I forgot who I’m supposed to be forgiving.

“Love prospers when a fault is forgiven, but dwelling on it separates close friends.” Proverbs 17:9

♦Photo from Buzzfeed: 50 Stunning Pics of The Japanese Tsunami♦


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2 responses to “Day Seventeen, Pt2 – Forgiving your friends

  1. Paula Tohline Calhoun

    March 12, 2012 at 16:07

    So good, Kenny. So good. Nice to read. I don’t know why God loves us (but I don’t believe that Jesus does because he wanted it in return. We love because he first loved us – love has no conditions. He would love us even if we didn’t!)

    Anyway, check the “pending” posts. I left one for Day 17 up yesterday.

    Have a good day. See you at the campfire tonight. More forgiving on the docket. . .

    • kolembo

      March 13, 2012 at 02:07

      Ha! An answer to my prayer!
      I was hoping you’d left a post..I just discovered I’m late with mine!


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