Day Eighteen – Forgiving authority Pt.2

13 Mar

Thanks Paula for the post yesterday.

It focussed something for me: Forgiveness is the only way to go.

Whether or not it makes sense or it is difficult, when I don’t forgive, life becomes heavy.

I walk around hunched over, the un-forgiveness rules me.

Everything I think and do becomes linked to my choice not to forgive.

Forgiving is easy – and very difficult – both at the same time.

I have to ‘give up’ something to forgive.

I have to ‘give up’ being right and accept that I could be wrong.

I have to give up feeling hurt and victimised.

How would it be if Jesus felt hurt and victimised? Actually, did he feel hurt and victimised?

Forgiveness sets him apart from everyone else.

He was absolute about it. Even when you are wronged, you MUST forgive.

I think about the clash between Karma and Mercy when I meditate with the Brahma Kumaris.

With them, the deal is tough.

What you did yesterday, what you do today and what you will do tomorrow, construct who you are, the kind of life you live, the joys and sorrows you experience. .

It is a noble way because you cannot escape responsibilty for your own life, and responsibility for the state of the earth.

But in my eyes it diminishes the sovereignity of God.

It does not make him cruel, it makes him foreign, and it conditions him to a force that, though he maintains, is un-willing or un-able to interfere with.

It makes him unforgiving.

I took the thought of forgiveness and Authority to bed with me yesterday and I came up with this: Forgiving Authority, respects that authority in your life and allows it to guide you.

The act of submitting to authority, gives you, for the time that you have submitted to it, a chance to live your life free of yourself to some extent.

Are you responsible for what you do under someone else’s authority? Or does that authority become responsible for your actions?

Who is reponsible for the soldier and his actions?

And who has authority?

More questions.

In this war for my life – and i feel it’s a war everyday, to achieve a comfort and happiness that counters fear – can I be fully and wholly accountable for my words and my deeds…every single one of them?

This morning I looked at Jesus, all ragged and smelly, and felt small.

This man asks me to count on him completely.

How far can others count on me?


“What causes quarrels and what causes fights among you? Is it not this, that your passions are at war within you?… You covet and cannot obtain, so you fight and quarrel.” James 4: 1-2

♦photo – Museum of Contemporary Arts, Chicago♦

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