Day Nineteen: Forgiving everyone else!

13 Mar

I’m confused!

The days are blurring!

I think I’m a day ahead….but with that in mind, too bad because I spent the day meditating on this anyway.

Forgiving school mates, colleagues and neighbours.

Yawn. Oooops, tired today.

I didn’t spend time with school mates or colleagues or neighbours.

I did thaw something with my sister…today is my Dad’s anniversary and my brothers birthday so it’s been quiet.

I really don’t have much to say.

I have three more weeks to get to Easter, and then something like two months after, to get through ‘one hundred days of love’.

At this stage I’m asking myself what I got myself into.

But I’m hunkered down – what will come of it, will come.

Today I have forgiveness on my mind. I’m aware of it all the time, in all situations.

The group is beginning to understand that this is it with Jesus so we’ve been going up to him one by one.


I’ll rummage about in my closet and see if I can pull out some confessions.

I’d love to be free of the past.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. (Matthew 5:9)

P.S. A capacity for forgiveness may be the single most important attribute for heaven


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4 responses to “Day Nineteen: Forgiving everyone else!

  1. Paula Tohline Calhoun

    March 14, 2012 at 05:12

    So you missed a post – we didn’t miss the day – we have both been on the forgiveness track for quite a few of our 20 days so far! Can you believe we have been on the road for almost three weeks? Jesus is much more used to day after day of walking than I am, I’m afraid. He seems as energetic and ready to walk with us as he did on our first day! Amazing! “New every morning is God’s Love” how true – and it applies to God’s Son’s energy and enthusiasm as well.

    You asked some interesting questions. Many of them are addressed in the two sermons I gave you the links to. I strongly urge you to read them. I believe they will hold your interest.

    One of the main differences between my faith in Christ, and the Buddhist sisters’ faith practice you speak of is their concept of God’s place in our lives. I strongly believe that God is interested in each of us individually, and is constantly seeking to commune with us and offer us strength for each task. Yes we are responsible for our own actions – every moment – yielding to God’s authority does not remove that – it enhances it, because yielding to God means accepting responsibility and repenting, desiring to change so that we can better love and serve others. The bonus is that we also are forgiven and do not have to bear the weight of our sins for eternity! Jesus took care of that! Once and for all. The war against sin and death has already been won – by God through the sacrifice of God’s Son. It’s just that Satan or evil forces work every day to stir up battles in a war they have already lost.

    I have a little mantra that I repeat to myself almost every day – especially on days that I feel discouraged about myself: “God accepts me exactly as I am, and loves me too much to let me stay that way.” in other words, I remind myself that God isn’t finished with me yet. All a part of the ongoing eighth day of creation. We don’t have to change one iota to be loved by God, but if we want to love God fully, then we must change. It’s our responsibility – more than that, it is my heartfelt desire. I want to remove any barriers that I alone have set up between me and God. Standing in the light of God brings joy that comes no other way. It is heaven, and heaven is now – it is here, available, for the taking! No lines, no waiting.

    One more thing. My Mom used to ask me every once in a while – especially when I was struggling with something: “Paula, if you were accused of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?” Something to ponder every day.

    I’ll be closer to the fire tonight. I’ll save a place for you next to Jesus.

    • kolembo

      March 14, 2012 at 20:39

      Heaven now.

      Enjoyed reading your comments. Yeah almost three weeks of walking eh! We’re almost at Easter!

      So you know anything about why Easter and Lent are linked?

      I’m using my imagination fully, so I’m right out there in the desert with you and Jesus – but I’m pulled in opposing directions!

      One – that is lent and his struggle for 40 days in the desert

      Two – that is his crucifixtion and our walk to the cross.

      Help me out here!

  2. Paula Tohline Calhoun

    March 15, 2012 at 06:00

    Hi Kenny!

    You asked some good questions, and I will do my best to give you some answers when I log in tomorrow. I can give you a quickie answer now – I do not generally equate Lent with the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert. (You know of course that the number 40 is not intended to signify a precise number, but it is indicative of a long time. [Forty is used many times in the Bible, 40 days and 40 nights & Noah.] There are several numbers used that way – the number 7 and the number 12, etc.)

    Lent is a time of preparation for Easter, and was a device created by the Roman Catholic church very early on (not sure which century), and has been adopted by many other faiths as an annual observance. The final week of Lent is the high point, called Holy Week, and begins with Palm Sunday (Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem), followed by Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday – which are used by different churches that observe those days with special services to study the things that Jesus did in Jerusalem in the days leading up to the Passover – the last Supper. – which is Thursday, Maunday Thursday (meaning “mandate Thursday), followed by Good Friday – the day of the crucifixion; then the day of silence or Holy Saturday, followed by the most wonderful day of the Christian year, Easter.

    I said all that because I don’t see Lent and Easter as at all separate – they are linked inextricably to the Resurrection. I’ll talk about it a bit more tomorrow.

    I am so glad you are really working on forgiving yourself. I wish you knew how wonderfully talented you are. i do not know you well yet, but through your poetry and other writing here, I am coming to know your heart, and it is a beautiful one. If you doubt that I feel that way, then you are guilty of disrespecting me – so believe me when I tell you, that you are God’s son, beloved and beautiful just as you are, and you have been given special gifts to use for God’s glory. I am so thankful that for whatever reason God found a way to bring us into a sort of contact. It has been a blessing to me.

    Jesus has seemed so lighthearted lately. The walking is easier on days like that – a lot of time spent laughing. We are so blessed to be on the road with Jesus, our paraclete.

    The campfire looks wonderful tonight. And I see some fresh bread there! ANd someone else brought some nice wine. I’ll see you there.

  3. kolembo

    March 15, 2012 at 12:42

    Thanks for that Paula.

    How strange for me. I had actually started thinking of Lent…Easter didn’t feature until I realised on day one that we were a month away.

    I was thinking about never having ‘sacrificed’ so to speak – fasted –

    I was also thinking about whether Jesus had been confronted directly with the Devil. I remember vaguely the story of the devil asking why he doesn’t just throw himself off a cliff and ask Angels to save him.

    I don’t know what the reply was.

    So a big feature of my lent journey is the aspect of what I gave up for lent, and whether I can keep to it.

    I know God needs nothing from me (the Brahma Kumaris insist that he needs our help and that he too is confined to the ‘vagaries’ of the life-cycle…sometimes I just wanna laugh/cry!)

    Anyway, then Easter presented itself and I know that journey, especially Holy Week and all that goes with it – i.e palm sunday, I think the tax collector, gethsemene, etc

    Thing is, I’ve gone and marroned myself in the desert, waiting for the devil!

    on top of that, the ‘one hundred days of love’ thing I’m doing, was just something I picked up as a sort of focus, but it runs on much longer than either Easter OR 40 days.

    I’ll just have to compact them and do the desert AND holy week somehow!

    Any ideas?


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