Day Twenty Six; Beautiful creatures!

20 Mar



I was so happy to see todays meditation!

Madam…my boyfriends cat got a shower today!

She does look sour doesn’t she! She’s fine – loves to sit out in the sun when she’s done.

My boyfriends great with animals.

He has two tortoises called Fred and Barney who come when he calls. Imagine that.

My sister also loves animals but in her case there is psychology involved. I’m not sure it’s good for her dogs but they end up looking a little confused about being dogs and not human.

Still, her love for them is nice to watch.

In the village there are cows everywhere…most terrifying creatures.

When I was little I would be eye to eye with cows as they bent their heads to eat.  WHRUMPFF – acres of perfectly healthy turf. Gone.

WHRUMPFF – like a hover.

Just like that.

I have seen love in the eyes of villagers for their cows. True love. Honestly.

Milk and Friendship.

Also for chickens.


I was vegetarian for a while back in the day.

I still don’t feel good eating meat. Well, when I think about it.

Actually, I don’t even feel good eating vegetables if they have roots! You know – that’s the part that produces life – etc

A bit strong now, I concede. Food is food.

I wonder if we take care of our animals the way we should?

In Kenya, we’re proud of trying to live with our wildlife. We don’t cage them, we don’t have zoos, it’s an entirely different situation than in South Africa.

Of course we have the land to let them roam (directed) but this will change.

Lions are truly majestic, Giraffe are the oddest things in reality, Buffalo will have a conversation with you, they’re so intelligent, and Elephants, why elephants seem to live more like we do, than chimps.

I have madam on my lap, listeng to her purr, enjoying her warmth against my skin and I’m overcome with just how BEAUTIFUL creatures are.


Perhaps I ought to consider humans, creatures.

I wonder if there are any examples in the bible, of Jesus with Animals?



“All you beasts, wild and tame, bless the Lord.” Daniel 3


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3 responses to “Day Twenty Six; Beautiful creatures!

  1. Paula Tohline Calhoun

    March 21, 2012 at 00:00

    In my eyes, nothing compares to the beauty in animals. The beauty of the savage carnivores, that really aren’t savage – they are self-sufficient along with caring for their children and families. The wonderful thing about the carnivores is that they kill for a specific purpose, and that is almost always food. They eat it all, they don’t pick and choose too much, but what the leave, they let the rest of the smaller creatures around have. I remember reading that the wolves in the arctic circle that hunt down the caribou generally cut from the herd the weakest, and/or the sick. in that way they are helping the caribou strengthen their gene pool. It is all a part of God’s creation, and the great circle of life. It is a miraculous and inspiring thing.

    I think we humans began that way. In our prehistoric times, I believe that we only hunted animals for food, and not out of some silly sense of power or pride, as they do now: “Look what I can do with a telescopic sight and a high powered rifle! Doesn’t that make me strong and brave?” So sad – actually pathetic.

    It kills me in my souls what we are doing to the wildlife around the globe. We are wiping out species left and right, and we will never get them back. When God gave us dominion over the animals, what God gave us was a position of stewardship. We were to care for them and use them wisely. Domesticating is fine, as long as they are treated with respect and concern for their welfare.

    Callousness and cruelty simply is not to be tolerated, and too much of it is. At the same time, there are people who put the welfare of animals above the welfare of children – even their own – and other humans in need. We are allowed to make judgments about conflicts between the welfare of both, and if we must slay the animal there are humane and caring ways in which to do it.

    Our pets have been very important to us. Our boys learned about procreation and birth by watching one of our cats give birth. It was quite and sight for them, and a great lesson. They offer so much and require or demand so little – except for our cat Justin – who can be very demanding. Of course our dog Princess can be equally demanding. . .oh well. But we love them dearly, and take care of them as best we can.

    The only animal I have ever found “ugly” is the hyena, but I once watched a TV special about them and came to have a whole different perspective and respect for them. They are truly remarkable animals and so necessary in the food chain in their environment and ecosphere. I came to see them as quite beautiful in their own special way. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, truly – and I believe that we have a responsibility to find the beauty in every natural thing – be it in their purpose and behavior, or in their appearance – or both! All except for the fly. I’m with poet Ogden nash who once quipped:

    “The Lord in his wisdom made the fly
    And then forgot to tell us why.”

    BTW, you are right. Jesus knows where he is going, and he knows what is coming. Knowing as we do, on this side of history what is coming makes me even more grateful that his sacrifice was “Once, and for All!” Many feel that each time we sin, we crucify him all over again. I don’t believe that. While sorry that he had to bear my sins and be crucified because of all of our sins, I do believe that our forgiveness and reconciliation with God has already been accomplished, and does not need to be done again. Sort of like those who have themselves re-baptized. Since I believe that God is the baptizer – not a specific minister or denomination – then why repeat something? Didn’t God do it right the first time? Rhetorical question – of course God did. I do however, believe in renewing the vows we made or that were made for us at our baptism – each and every day – but it does not require a new ceremony to do so!

    Oh well – I’m off the track. Suffice it to say, that I find beauty in even the most wretched of the animals, and feel the responsibility to care for them as much as I am able.

    It will be a great campfire tonight.

  2. Booksphotographsandartwork

    March 25, 2012 at 19:57

    Same as Paula said. And I would love to be able to pet a male lion, with that big fluffy fur all around it’s face. So beautiful. I try very hard not to eat any red meat. I feel bad eating chicken and turkey but I do sometimes. It makes no sense to eat something that had eyeballs and could look at me. If I can look into the eyes of my cat and dogs and see such all consuming love and a torrent of emotions I think cows are able of the same. And I think a chicken or turkey could become close to me as well. Eating something that has eyes just seems so wrong.

    • kolembo

      March 25, 2012 at 21:58

      Hahaha, this is hilarious thanks!


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