Day thirty three; Advising friends and family

29 Mar

I sat, seething through meditation this morning.

The Brahma Kumaris believe that ‘right effort’ will gain you a place –  number-wise –  in heaven…which is to be somewhere in India.

It’s happened before and we are now in the confluence age when God purifies us and give us heaven on earth.

Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Anyway, there are only a given number of seats and these are mostly already taken by the ‘high-ups’ in the Brahma Kumaris.

There are servant postitions going though, so no worries.

Jesus was a servant.

I am amazed that they have no-one to stand in for them.

I don’t care how much effort you make, you will sin on this earth.

They’ve demonised sex. It’s the worst thing you can do.

Yet I sit here and think about God.

I conjure up Jesus in this place and hear him say that all has been reconcilied.

How is it I can have such powerful experiences of God in this place?

Anyway, today we’re on advising our friends and family.

I find that people we are close to are special. They call to you from a place of trust, and it’s easy to take this for granted. To abuse it.

I realised that in being aware about ‘advice’, I was able to listen FIRST, and then give advice.

And that the advice could be loving, and affirmative and useful.

It made me feel good.

All I have to do is listen.

And I get it – Jesus sits across the fire from me and he listens to all my crap.

He says…”…forgive other people. Forgive yourself. Tell me what you’ve done wrong, and want to make it right. Let me in and love me, and love other people the way you say you want to love me, and let me teach you how to love yourself.”

“Don’t worry so much about what you have and what you don’t have here. Clean your spirit.”

There is room where I am going, room for you just as you are.

“You can grow there. And be free to act.”

“Pray for one another.” (James 5:16)

What are you doing for Easter?

Being connected to feelings.

What is a soul?


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2 responses to “Day thirty three; Advising friends and family

  1. Paula Tohline Calhoun

    March 29, 2012 at 05:11

    Oh, Kenny! Easily the most insightful of your many insightful reflections! I am in love with your conversation with Jesus. It reads as an authentic communication, which I know it is. Free to act. Perfect. As a matter of fact, are we not given the mandate to act? Isn’t our faith without action a dead faith? (“Faith without works.”) But that mandate is freeing in itself, because it allows us to act according to our individual strengths and needs. Our advice-giving, telling and speaking the truth in love is liberating. We need not worry about the impact of our works and advice, nor be hurt or bothered by advice given us, as long as it is given in the spirit of love, it is a wonderful thing, and to be cherished.

    The “advice” given you by that professor was not given in love. It was, IMHO, a very selfish and self-serving comment unworthy of a decent human being. He sums up the attitude of so many Americans abroad (and at home) – that somehow everybody has to live according to our standards, and anything different is somehow deficient, and not simply different. (Besides which, he obviously has no concept of how precious water is in many parts of the world!) Americans are also obsessed with hygiene – often to our detriment, because by killing off so many bacteria and germs, we have made ourselves completely vulnerable to every little microbe that comes along. We don’t allow ourselves the opportunity to develop any natural immunity. Oh well – another subject for another time. I am embarrassed by the behavior of many Americans. It shames all of us..

    I love it when Jesus tells me to be myself, to be who I am, and to quit worrying about my faults. It’s not that my sins are OK – my sins hurt me, but I think he means that they can all be fixed. They have already been forgiven, and I have a reconciled relationship with God through him, but I can grow through my sins, learn, and grow up – grow tall enough to wear that crown he has given me as a daughter of God..

    So, let’s unload our crap on Jesus – (that sounds awful, but you know what I mean) – and listen to him tell us that we are OK, that he has made room for us at his side, and that we are on our way to growing up, just by confessing and then listening, for the still small voice.

    See you at the campfire. We are getting near to Jerusalem. I can just barely see the gates to the city in the distance. I’m gathering palm branches as I walk along.

    • kolembo

      March 29, 2012 at 13:04

      Hi Paula!

      Ahhh, great message, I tittered all the way through it! I’m so pleased with Ashley’s contribution, it roots the whole exercise and ties all the blogs together. Really terrific. Yes, after all the days of repeated thought, letting go is the message that is coming through. We love to depend on God. We chose it, and not only that, we depend on depending on God. And what more reliable exercise if there?

      With Jesus, I’m having the opportunity to look and see, who IS he.

      In the very beginning, it was Jesus and his personal company that I enjoyed most. As time has gone on, he’s become more and more abstract. Powerful still, but you know, with dominion over all my life, and all the lives on earth and all the lives in the universe, and capable of mass forgiveness, and healing and inter-galactic judgment. Very big, very ALL, worthy of worship – but you know, a resignation to absolute power, rather than a surrendering.

      I find that I don’t act in the security of promise, I do what I have to do, not to incur his wrath.

      So, Easter approaches, I’ve really enjoyed checking in with you, you’ve helped me, just by being there, to really be honest with what I’m doing, and remember that this relationship with Jesus Christ is to radiate from me and color those around.

      Palm Sunday. Yay.


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