Little Deeds of Love – Day 37

03 Apr

A little song for children came flying through my mind when I saw the subject for today’s meditation:

“Little drops of water,
Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean,
And the pleasant land.”

When we have big dreams, it is hard to limit ourselves to smaller works.  But the smaller and more accomplishable the deed, the more they build upon one another, and create in the end a greater impact.

What is a small deed of love?  Is anything that is done in love really small?  I wonder.  There are simple and random acts of kindness being made all the time – some we have become so used to doing that they come naturally, and we fail to notice that we might have made an impact on someone’s life.  At the same time, isn’t it interesting that we fail to see so many small needs in others, and completely miss out on chances to perform simple deeds of love.  That’s one of my greatest bugaboos!  I think I am so observant, and quite honestly, there are in reality so many times that I am completely blind!

Little deeds of love are not a sacrifice, really.  ANy deed of love is a privilege, mainly because it comes out of joy.  For the people we love, it si easy to pour out our lies for them; by the same token, it is easy to take for granted those people we love and who love us.  The hard part comes when we know we are being asked to love the “unlovable,” the ungracious, unkind, belligerent, and miserable people who are part of this world and part of our lives.  Loving them – as we love ourselves – can become a very difficult thing.  I think maybe it’s because we have become used to being “thanked” for our actions.  We feel sometimes, like it’s the very least that we an expect – we want recognition for our love.

I guess that’s how Jesus could have felt.  His enormous deed of love for us has gone unheeded by so many.  Hmmm.  Well, I’ll need to do some thinking on this whole thing.  And maybe make more of an effort to  do some acts of love – in secret.  That way it will always be just between God and me.  Don’t have to worry about getting the “middleman’s” thanks!

See you all at the campfire.  Jesus has been speaking some powerful and challenging things to me – to all of us – lately.  This is going to be some week.

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