Interlude 13:00 – Hmmmmm…..

08 Apr



Went to Church in a suit.

Feling oddly cranky – Church was good but the body’s still missing.

At the first one though, I understood a little better.

God, being so Holy that not even a speck of impurity can co-exist with him, threw us out of Eden when we sinned. I don’t know, how in a perfect place, the possibility of sin occurs (temptation?), but Sin we did, and in relation to God, our relationship was irreparably ruined and Law had to rule.

In Law, it became clear that man will ALWAYS be blemished with something or other, and God loves us so something had to be done.

So he sent his Son, who though sinless, carried all our sins and was punished for them on OUR behalf.

Now, because of Jesus, if we repent and forgive, our own Sins will not be judged against us and we can have an everlasting relationship with God.

I’m feeling a little tired, a bit bugged, a little cranky.

I’ll decipher it later.

I was moved by the generosity of Church, and the Spirit of Thanksgiving of the Christians around me, and of my mother.

I so badly want Joy for her, and for us all.

Transform; Death into Life, Fear into Courage, Depair into Hope and have Faith in Action.

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