Interlude – 8:00am – someone stole the body!

08 Apr


So it’s Sunday, it’s 8:00am and I’ve been up since 3:00am.

I’m already laughing at myself. I’m so excited, and I’ve really let my imagination go. I’ve been everywhere. I was burning to read Luke chapter 24 so when I finally did, at 5:15am just before meditation, I was ecstatic!

I was with the women, the two Mary’s, Joanna and the rest, rushing to the tomb with spices and perfumes. I’d been up all night doing Volcanic Yoga with the Bhrama Kumaris.

It was about going into the ‘subtle region’ – the soul world.

Anyway, we’ve been to the tomb and the body’s not there.

Some of the women are saying that two men with clothes like lightening asked why we were looking for the living, among the dead.

I (my here-and-now I) can’t help thinking they were Aliens beaming down. Whatever.

We’ve told the men, and they think we’re speaking non-sense. Peter went down there however, and has seen the empty tomb and the strips of linen.

I can’t help thinking that they’ve stolen the body. But why would they do that?

So I’ve read Luke further, and read about the two men who were walking to a town seven miles away on the same day.

Jesus walks and talks with them the whole day. They do not recognise him but are excited to tell him of all the events of the week. Obviously the town is still vibrating. I thought about you, Paula.

They get to the town late and ask him to stay – his words are electifiying – and he breaks bread before they realise why. It’s Jesus! But he’s disappeared.

That very night, they rush back to Jerusaleem to report what has happened.

While they where there, Jesus appears again, this time, he tells them to look – he’s not a ghost, he has holes in his hands and feet, he eats some fish.

He promises help from God -‘…power from on high…’ – then, outside Bethany, he is taken up to heaven.

Luke is vague about this…I seem to remember speaking in tongues and wonderment, and white light, and soul bodies and disappearing in clouds.

It’s ok, I’m sure it’s either Matthew, Mark or John – and I’ll read these through today as I head to Church.

I’ll go to Baptist with my mum and sisters, and then take communion at Good Shephard.

I asked Simon again to accompany me – just to be with family even, and he refused.

It’s confused me and made me angry. Why not? On the other hand, why should I blackmail him into coming? Why is it so important/

I’ve called the Center and told me to book a room for tonight. I’ll stay and meditate with them untill tomorrow when the program ends.

Part of me wants Simon to miss me. Wants to make him wrong for not wanting to come to church.

Part of me feels rejected and hurt. I’m going to have to deal with that.

I still haven’t seen Jesus. No white flashes, no miraculous experiences.

I had a puncture last night, dropped the tyre off for fixing, found it hadn’t been done and was very stroppy with the mechanic.

I’m feeling sorry about that. It takes so little to side-track me.

But I’m excited, and I’m happy, and I’m expectant for the day.

I’m deep into myself and my experience and I’m happy it happened this year.


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2 responses to “Interlude – 8:00am – someone stole the body!

  1. Paula Tohline Calhoun

    April 8, 2012 at 14:06

    He is risen! He is risen indeed!

    There is joy in our house today too! Do not despair about Simon – if you live the life of joy before him – without preaching a word, he will want to come and find what it is you have that he doesn’t! I remember a pastor who witnessed to us about his own conversion experience. What he said was, “I’m not telling you I have something you don’t have, but I am telling you that I have now something I did not have, and for it I am eternally grateful!” BTW, Our children don’t go to church either. . .long story. They both call themselves Christian, and I do believe that they are, but being preacher’s kids really turned them off to church! But it is more than that, and as I said, it is a long story!

    But we are going to sing and celebrate this morning! We expect 2,000+ this morning at our big worship gathering. We offer four services every Sunday at our church because of space problems, so this one service we gather together at a local auditorium that can hold all of us, and it’s wonderful! Lots of great music and joy.

    I love your reference to the walk to Emmaus! “Didn’t our hearts burn within us?” BTW – read the first chapters of Acts – you get the story of the days following Easter there.

    I wish you a wonderful, perfect beautiful day, and I love the photo of you~ You are so handsome! Lucky Simon! ūüėÜ

    Happy Easter! Will we go to Emmaus together tonight?

    • kolembo

      April 8, 2012 at 16:00

      Ahhhhh! There she is, your joy is infectious!
      Despite the tone of my post…I’m vibrating!
      I think, I want to go really deep into the Yoga of the day, and fully imagine my Jesus, triumphant!
      I will speak to you tomorrow…I can’t take my laptop but I’ll write there and transpose.
      The sound of music at Church today was electrifying.
      This morning, I really filled in the sights of you with perfume and oils, going off to the tomb!
      Ak! Please say hi to Ashley for me, thanks for the link to the sermon, and tell your congregation that Jesus is Alive in Kenya!

      He talks of Action in Faith, and of Strength in the promise of Victory!


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