Day forty five; Lovely smiles

15 Apr

The headiness of the month past is wearing off – still.

Life seems more ordinary, life’s troubles tinge the horizon.

Perhaps they are only troubles because they are seen that way?

Today I spent the day at the orphanage with Simon and Rhoda and Cynthia and a big five year old man called Callum.

What fun! I saw some animals close up…gosh Chetah’s and Lions and Giraffe, Ostriches and Buffalo.

Not so cute, these animals close up, powerful and smelly. Awe inspiring.

It was difficult to explain the turqoise balls on the monkeys though…!

We talked and we smiled at each other a great deal and I’d like to think that troubles were eased.

People have big troubles in their lives, big troubles for real.

Violence and sickness and financial terrors – troubles that are difficult to put away and say, God deal with these ones for me.

Smiling can feel fake sometimes, in the face of troubles.

We smiled anyway, and let the day pass and the night come and hope for safe passage remain.



“A glad heart makes a cheerful face.” Proverbs 15:13

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