Day forty eight; Getting in touch

18 Apr



I thought about my sister today. Suddenly.

I was on the way back from the kiosk with milk, when a small plane flew over me, quite close, on it’s way to Wilson Airport.

It was followed by a larger one – turboprop – still small but you know…20 passengers or something.

Planes fascinate me. When they’re far off, they just seem like they were meant to be in the air, but closer, it’s amazing that they actually stay up there!

It’s clear how fast they have to move when they’re that close. It’s clear how disasterous plane crashes are.

I flashed back to when it was I last saw a small aircraft so close.

My sister and her husband on the airstrip, climbing into a little plan, heading off to Safari – taking in everything possibe before saying good-bye to it all.

I remember her in specific detail. How she looked, how she talked to her husband.

I could hear her laughing, and suddenly I was in tears, right there on the street.

I just stood on the pavement and cried.

I’ll never see her again, not here. That’s it. Whatever came, came for a moment, and then left.


We were going to live forever.


Todays meditation was on getting in touch with people.

I didn’t get in touch with anyone.

Getting in touch scares me – the vast leap of events between the last meeting twenty years ago, and the ‘hello’, now.

Like a slug or a snail who’s antenne has grazed something unpaletable, I’ve withdrawn.

I don’t mean to do it, I don’t mean to have this strange mist descend and shroud me.

I feel ephemeral – tenuous – blurry….like a smudge in the corner on an otherwise pristine painting.

You could reach out to touch me, and find there’s nothing there at all.


Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep. Rom. 12:15


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3 responses to “Day forty eight; Getting in touch

  1. Paula Tohline Calhoun

    April 19, 2012 at 05:56

    I feel you here – and so I know you are there! 😆 I know how it feels to have those quick “flashbacks,” so in a way you were in touch.

    I have actually been in touch with you these past few days, and we have been journeying together – i brought our Zoë with me tonight – did you see her sitting with me? We are so proud of her! This has been a day to get in touch – and even if I haven’t been writing, I have been staying in touch, so do not despair. I have been spending the time I usually spend on writing, with our son and daughter-in-love, and of course our sweet Zoë! I’ll be sharing more after we get home the end of this week.

    Getting in touch can be a scary thing – mainly because it puts us in a vulnerable position – face to face with people – and we are required to reach out as well as be available. Some days that’s hard. But you were in touch with your sister today. She paid you a visit. You remembered her in a happy time, and she probably just popped into your mind to let you know that she remembers too, and that she loves you. And you will see her again, I’m quite sure.

    BTW, a quick request for prayer. Last night I got a call from my niece telling me that her Dad, my brother, had a bad heart attack, and had been rushed to the hospital. He has always taken fairly good care of himself, and has always had good health check-ups. This came out of the blue, so it was a shock to us all. He was very fortunate to have gotten care immediately, and when he got to the hospital, he received excellent care – he had a heart catheterization, and they put a stint in two arteries that were completely blocked. He is already out of intensive care, and in a regular room at the hospital, and may possibly be coming home tomorrow. Please pray for his continued recovery. We are praising God that all has gone as well as it has, and he is in good spirits.

    I send you my “touch,” and ask that you don’t pull away. We have too much to share with one another, and I ask that God, through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, might offer you some consolation at the campfire tonight.


  2. Titirangi Storyteller

    April 19, 2012 at 09:21

    You know what is an awful sensation? When you reach out and get in touch with someone from long long ago, and when you do, they reject you… It doesn’t happen often, but it has on occasion… it’s an icky, icky feeling. You know they don’t know the person you are now, they are not rejecting the you that you have become. They are not interested. They have such strong negative feelings about the person you once were to them – they will not allow you near them now.
    And you’ve got to respect that – you can’t go back again and say, ‘I’ve changed. I’ve grown up! I don’t do those dumb things that I did when I was 19 and f@#ked up. You’ll like me now…’

    So you have to quietly soothe your wounded wounded pride and just not care. Ugh…

  3. kolembo

    April 19, 2012 at 11:48

    Hi you two!
    Hahaha. I know that one….the ‘meeting’!
    Sometimes it’s all better left alone eh!
    Thanks for your words, just getting up and dealing with cat – she’s wearing a cone…very unhappy poor thing.
    I’m a little lighter today…circumstances haven’t changed but I think I’m doing my best so the rest I can’t be bothered with.
    Have good days!


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