Day fifty six; All day patience!

27 Apr



I failed this one utterly!

I had running battles with customer care services ALL day.

Yes, what’s your’s problem?
I’m not receiving 3g services on my phone
Can you take your handset to….
I’ve done that, it’s not a handset problem.
I’ll just take your details and pass them to the technical dept. They’ll get back to…
I’ve done that already.
Sir, your problem is being addressed.
Who am I speaking to?
Your problem is being addressed.
Who am I speaking to?
Youre preblem…
Thank you. Rose who?
Rose who?
Is your name Kenneth?
Yes. What is your name?
Rose who?
Are you telling me that you cannot tell me which Rose I’m speaking to?
Your problem is being adressed sir.
That’s now a different issue – are you telling me that you cannot tell me WHICH Rose I am talking to?
Rose Wanjiru?

I hung up.

Like that the whole day and while I was in it, I meant it!

When I was done, and nothing had been accomplished, and I was sitting on the couch preparing to call for the ‘night’session’, I suddenly started laughing un-controlably.
So what?
Realy…so what!

I’ve been in a good mood all day today, the sky may fall, honestly.

Now I hope that I can at least be polite to others even though they may not be in return. Does it really matter?
I ask myself – what am I ffighting for?

By the way, I cannot see what I am writing so this is an exercise in trust!
I’ll take a look at it on my phone later!
Love you all, Patience ends today I think, onward!

“The gifts of the spirit are…and self-control.” – Galatians 5:23

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One response to “Day fifty six; All day patience!

  1. Paula Tohline Calhoun

    April 28, 2012 at 02:58

    Oh! But Kenny! Just because the week of emphasis on patience is up doesn’t mean we can say good-bye to patience! Even tough we would both like to! 😆

    It is a good idea to remember that the people who perform customer service are generally not the ones in charge of the service you receive. For instance a server in a restaurant does not cook the food, so s/he should not be blamed for it. Rose is probably not at fault for the poor service you get with your phone, she is just the messenger! I know you know that, and I also know how frustrating it can be in trying to get the right person to help, or at least be able to speak with the same person twice! AAAARRRRGH! Even though I get frustrated and sometimes lose my temper (which I always regret), I have learned to do one thing, and that is to compliment people when I receive good service!

    Funny how so many people fail to do this. Even though we expect to receive good service, and the person is usually just doing his or her job, I still think that good service has become so absent lately, that it is worth telling people they are appreciated when you get it. Also, having worked in a job where I dealt with the public, it is nice every once in a while to get a pat on the back from someone who expresses their appreciation!

    Say, if the sky is really falling, why not laugh? I’m with you on that! Because in the long run, who really cares? And if the sky is falling, then this might be our last chance to laugh! I wish you joy and a patient heart. See you at the campfire.



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