Day fifty nine; Please come in…stay a while. Generous hospitality.

30 Apr

I’m afraid of hosting people these days.

I’m not comfortable having people visit me.

I’d rather meet them outside – in the city – away from myself at home.

I was not always this way.

I think it’s back to my sense of self – very fragile at the moment I think.

I am good company though, I love to be around people, and as long as it’s not at my place, I’m an excellent host!

Simon’s a very good host. He comes from an old settler family – ten kids – farmer sort – catholic. He can cook roasts and pies and piggies and cows and grills and pastries and…and…

It was incredilble watch him do Christmas.

I try to add to atmosphere!

We’ve lost so much in Africa.

Hospitality was a way of life. It still is to a much larger extent than it is anywhere else but the move to capitalism has affected us all.

In the cities, people meet at restaurants and hotels and in places outside the home.

I think there is some embarrasment at not being able to provide sufficiently.

But the hospitality is ALWAYS generous.

Big spirits, big hearts, genuine delight in having visitors. I’m so proud of being African. There’s nothing that won’t be done for a guest – not the slightest thought of inconvinience, just joy at being able to provide water, food, warmth and share company.

It’s full on though, no dilly dallying, straight into your most intimate problems!

My mum is incredible.

These days it’s all much more modern.

Still, hospitality is the keynote for me when I travel and I find that EVERY CULTURE is hospitable in their own way.

Americans are large and boisterous though, more than anyone, they separate surface from internal.

The English are so insecure about their ability to provide that they get afraid of trying but when they do, they try really hard, and want so much for people to accept their hospitality. The Olympics this year…

Indians are hilarious! It’s always abundant, colourful, over-whelming – but you musn’t enter the family dynamic. Therein lies a vast land of utter confusion, seemingly abhorent callousness – it’s very convoluted.

The far east is fraught with the politics of honour. Thought it was a joke, it is not. Hospitality is elaborate and intense and people die over it.

These are HUGE generalisations, but all around the world, people make sacrifices to be hospitable.

It makes me smile.

This week I am going to think first, what I can do to make others comfortable, and try and open myself up a bit more, to receiving people.


And whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward.” (Matthew 10:42)


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2 responses to “Day fifty nine; Please come in…stay a while. Generous hospitality.

  1. wightrabbit

    April 30, 2012 at 13:29

    It’s interesting what you say about the English. My son and his wife came over for Sunday lunch yesterday and – even now, after all their thanks and praise – I’m insecure that I didn’t do enough, or get it ‘right’. Heaven help me if non-family members ever turn up! 🙂

  2. lizfruitberry

    May 1, 2012 at 03:21

    I hope you do entertain more. I do not because my home is smaller. Perhaps I should now that I read this. Yes, we Americans go overboard on entertaining sometimes. However, our economy is horrible right now. Worse than ever. Great Post!


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