Day sixty six; To hell in a hand basket

11 May


Just ranting today.

I taught for three years while I was doing my Masters in Ohio.

I loved it.

I was a good teacher, and sometimes I wish I had the chance to do it again.

I was astonished how badly Americans think of themselves.

Let me clarify.

For some reason, either because it’s cool, or it’s felt that a showing of humility is expected of them in this day and age, I would get young people come to class and say that they don’t vote because….(littany of reasons from American Foreign policy is destroying the world, to exercising my right to NOT vote)…

I think Americans have got to realise that they are living in the greatest country of the present day.

Not in the ‘taken for granted’ sort of way that many of them do – where people place God above people and say that this is what we’re called for.

I think if God were here on earth today, he would say that we MUST be making laws and building a world in which everyone is treated fairly outside of their belief in God.

It’s our world, we have to be responsible for it, God will look after heaven and what goes on there and in a peaceful world, do the work that he has to do here to bring us to him.

I say this because I see ugly Christians, (not just in America, everywhere) so sure in their conviction that EVERYONE MUST OBEY, that they cannot see what they are doing to other people and to the world.

I see Muslims subject to an Islam far removed from the Allah who delivered the Quran, people subject to the tyranny of cowardly men and violence.

I see a world in which the simple spirit of right and wrong has been replaced by Religion, and Autocracy and Economic enslavement.

All this at our hands.

Because in our pride as Christians, Muslims, Leaders and  Democrats, people must believe as we do to receive equal consideration before the law, to be safe from violence, to be free of poverty.

Everywhere, I find people complain that their country is going to hell in a hand basket because of Gays, and Women who want to drive, Immigrants and Godlessness.

I am anxious about the state of the world and the condition of my heart.

I get  furious when I look at Israel/Palestine, Syria, Pakistan, America, and Kenya. People everywhere, selfish and cruel. And right.

What can I do?

I can try my best to be a good man.

And trust God with the future of my country.

“His eyes keep watch over the nations: let rebels not rise against Him.” (Psalm 66: 4?)

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