Day sixty nine; The Church, religion and anxiety

13 May

I was pissed off with my meditation session on Saturday.

All about how heaven was going to be India, how I am really, a deity destined to rule in the new kingdom, how the world cycle repeats forever in 5000 year kulpas and how there is no redemption from the karma you generate.

I was pissed off with a Baptist pastor who decieded, all of a sudden, to go off on Muslims.

I was pissed off with God for the Palestinian situation.

And I’m pissed off with prayer request packages that come with easy payment plans.


I am anxious to follow God’s word, anxious to do good by him.

Sometimes I want to make him what I believe him to be.

I want him to align himself to how I view the world.

Are I am a divine being too?

Do I have a role in creation?

How do I deal with my thoughts on Right and Wrong within the Church?

As I continue bringing my anxiety to God, I learn that trust comes at the end.

That I am tasked to think, to inquire, to pray, to contemplate, first, and then to have faith and display trust.

I am not a piece of wood.

I can know what is right and what is wrong.

I can be responsible for the choices I make on how I approach God, how I listen to him, and how I obey.

The pastor who has abused their position, can be forgiven.

I needn’t destroy another human being, in order to stay true to God.

I needn’t toss and turn and worry everyday, over everything, once I have brought these things to God.

I can be myself and trust God and not be silly.

I can live free of anxiety – I must – because anxiousness is based on fear and lies.


 “You are Peter and on this rock I will build my Church, and the Gates of Hell will not prevail against it.” (Matthew: 16:16-19.)


I found this on how believers might look to others! Very funny! I am reminded to remain resolute but humble. Religion Changes Bodies!

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