Day seventy eight; Anger 2 – being aware of it in my life.

28 May



So, I woke up angry.

It’s a horrible way to wake up.

Everything is dark and dangerous, and your primed for things to go wrong.

I remembered that I’m thinking about Anger this week and realising that I’ve come here through Peace, I am attempting to breath and relax and release this Anger.

I don’t know if its an active thing I’m supposed to be doing – looking at the source of my Anger, forgiving the cause of it, etc.

I can’t even think in these terms because as soon as I think about it, I am angry.

We go before the judge on the 6th of June and I’ve told my lawyer to throw the gauntlet.

I will let the situation play itself out.


What I really dislike is the way that it seems to have taken over everything.


So. This is what it looks like. I can’t enjoy myself, or the people and things around me. But, being aware that I am angry, I am also aware that it’s wasting my time, so I’m going to try and let it be, and let myself be too.


“My peace I give you…” (John 14:27)


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3 responses to “Day seventy eight; Anger 2 – being aware of it in my life.

  1. wightrabbit

    May 28, 2012 at 12:01

    I understand completely – have been battling with similar feelings lately. I told myself this isn’t how I wish to be, that the emotion is robbing me of who I strive to be, that the cause of my anger is in control. It’s not that easy letting go, though – the image portays exactly how I feel! With the Grace of your God, may Peace be with you soon _/!\_

    • kolembo

      May 28, 2012 at 21:07

      Oh, great emoticon!
      Pleased me a great deal!

      Yeah, anger…let’s see what I find at the end of the week.
      I took the day off today and just spent it doing nothing in particular. The sharpness of the anger’s worn off, but i’m irritable and edgy.

  2. kreemer

    May 10, 2017 at 00:25

    And so….
    Are you want today? Did you wake up angry?

    I say to you Kenny that you HAVE changed. Deeply. You may have woken tired but I woke up in prayer and Thanksgiving and….yes happy.

    Carry on!


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