Day eighty one; Anger – seeing the other side

30 May



(If you have something against someone else) “first go away and make peace with that person. Then come back and offer your gift (at the altar).” (Matthew 5:24)


Being angry takes a lot of energy!

I guess today is about trying to see what worth there is in anger and ‘getting it’ from the others point of view.

When I’m angry with someone else, I like to think that I have a reason.

Often I think…’…if the person just acknowleged it and apologised, it would be alright…’

I certainly wouldn’t think I’ve made some kind of mistake and view the person less favourably.


But when someone is angry with me, an apology is the last thing I think of doing, and I get afraid because I feel that I’ve let them down and they don’t want to work with me anymore!


Letting go of anger has something to do with confidence then, and a right view of the world.


What am I angry about? Why?

Still, just don’t tell me that I should make friends with someone who I’m angry with!


My case is on the 6th. I’ll let my lawyer deal with it.

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