Day ninety eight; Dear Kenneth, a letter from God

24 Jun



I am so pleased without​ you.

Really, I’m laughing so hard!

You will receive everything you have asked for because you have grabbed my attention this year.

I didn’t know it was so important for you to touch me everyday – you sound so happy and sure of being together that I let you do pretty much what you want.

I realise now that you need special attention, and so now I’m here to tutor you.

Don’t think too hard about those who have gone away. they have not gone anywhere, there are with me.

Remember not to be afraid when you die, it’s not painful.

Do what you like but speak to me first.

You are not doing me any favours.

I like to hear you laughing.

If you want to help people you must tell them about me. You can do it any way you like but listen to me first.

I will be as clear as I can be from now on.

Hold onto the people around you who are loving you, but remember that you love yourself more.

Where money is concerned, be careful not to loose yourself in too much or too little.

And be careful not to loose your head.

Where I am concerned, I enjoy your company.

I can’t be where there has been no effort.

But I will not be where there is no truth.

So be honest first, and all those thing will follow.

Don’t write regiments for yourself – I don’t do that.

Have sex, have fun, explore the world my dear Kenneth, and everything in it, purity is in your intention.

There is no power in purity however. You must act.

Beyond all this know one thing. You are as special to me as everything else in this Universe.

I have my way, and every human being is known to me. I am in their lives for real, in every minute, in every minor conversation, in everything that happens to them.

I am with you not just as a force, and my force is unlimited, but as God, your friend, your father, your brother, your mother, your sister your lover.

As for Simon, I thank you for jumping in there.

I promise you that I am also with him fully.

I accept you as a couple.

You have much to learn.

And I will use you as an example.

In all things, remain as you are, grateful, and I will always be God.

Good night, and well done.


“They will come against you with weapons, chariots and wagons and with a throng of people; they will take up positions against you on very side with large and small helmets. I will turn you over to them for punishment, and they will punish you according to their standards.” Ezekial 23:24

This week I have been opening the bible and just picking the verse that falls in front of me, a way, I guess, of ducking my responsibilty for reading, and leaving it to God!

This one seems so murderous, so deadly.

It seems he is talking about Israel and the surrounding nations, but through the story of two prostitutes who do not remember God, and insist on prostituting themselves to their eventual persecutors – handsome young men, all.

I do not know what this means.

I think the idea that comes across is one of trading the happiness I find with God,for the pleasure of the things of this world, actually barter in a way – If the world can give me so much, how much more can you give me?

But I don’t know.

In light of what I have just heard, I think, I must not think in terms of punishment, nor in terms of false sacrifice.

I must continue to grow, and explore and enjoy the world, but do so with the express permission of God.

I must ‘see’ him first, before I act.


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3 responses to “Day ninety eight; Dear Kenneth, a letter from God

  1. kolembo

    June 24, 2012 at 18:39

    My dearest Paula,

    Thank you for walking with me through the One Hundred days.
    Whatever happens next, I know that I can die saying – I found someone on the net, whom I have never met, whom I walked with in the light of Jesus in Imagination.

    I feel we are called to understand that Imagination is a gift we are given that can hold an expression of truth beyond what we understand at the moment.

    This imagination is, in the life beyond our death, the currency of action.

    In this life, we are asked to Imagine. And what we imagine, is possible for ourselves forever, and where ever we are.

    We will find that we have wasted a lot of time here, imagining things that are not good for us or for anyone.

    Paula, you not only played with me, but you played like it was real. And so it is.

    On this last Sunday of the walk, I tell you this; thank you.
    Wherever we may go…wherever I may go…I will have this period standing for me, and have you as a witness, a friend, standing for me. For this I am grateful.

    I am called now to the ending of things – worry not…your blog exists still, as does mine.
    I worry that I will carry falsity forward from this, or expectation.

    Remember the beginning?

    It is not, that now, we must explain to each other, anything at all. We must go forward and live, and conquer another hundred days of our lives.

    I wait to see how we shall be brought together, as indeed I believe we will.

    Until then I send you love from Kenya. I see you and Ashley in my minds eye, and I send you encouragement and love, from a soul on this side, to your souls on that.

    May you find power to overcome the little things in life – health, money, argument – that bind us so completely to our present circumstances.

    May the love you so freely give to others, show up in your own lives, and over the lives of the ‘one’ that is husband and wife.

    Onward, and good-bye, for now.


  2. Paula Tohline Calhoun

    June 26, 2012 at 23:32

    Dear Kenny – I will be writing a post for tomorrow – our 100th day – as I expect you will. It is fitting that we both write one. What you have written to me just now, and throughout the 100 days, what you have written of yourself – which you have poured out as an offering to God and even to me, has been received with love and pure, total acceptance. You are one of God’s special gifts to me, and in a way, so is Simon. I have never written to him directly, but through you and your reflections on his part in your life, I have received him as not only part of you, but as himself, holy and acceptable to God. May you continue to bless one another with your own love, acceptance, caring, and mutual submission to one another but first to God. Any good and lasting relationship requires that we submit ourselves to one another out of reverence to God. Simon might not even be aware he is doing that, but every time he expresses his love to you in every simple or complex way, physical, spiritual, mental – then he is loving a part of God.

    Only one thing I ask: Please don’t ever tell me “Good-bye.” I’ve come to despise that word for its finality. Every time I hear myself use it, I cringe, and hearing it frightens me in a way. Perhaps my own fairly recent experiences with near-death have heightened my sensations regarding that word. I have to remind myself that the words means “God be with you,” and so I am saying that instead now. Never again will I purposely give anyone I love a final “Good-bye,” but i will always think and feel, “God be with you, As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be – world without end, Amen, Amen!”

    I’ll be speaking especially to you again, tomorrow. Until then, God be with you!


    • kolembo

      June 27, 2012 at 11:01

      Ahhh, the poetry of parting.

      Thanks for the reply. On this last day everything seems a little subdued, a little unreal.

      You stand like the poet at the edge of the village, hailing ‘I will see you again’…it’s beautiful.

      For me the notion of Good-bye occurs from the underside.

      If I don’t say good-bye, I find myself unfinished at the moment, pining for one more look, one more glance, unsure of whether to leave, unsure of what is to come.

      If I can do it cleanly, I can set myself free, can stand straight and face the wind knowing that ‘Hello’ will come again, and I will have a different bag of things collected, to show.

      But for you, dear Paula, God be with you will work.

      It will work just fine!


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