when I’m rich…

15 Jul
when I’m rich…

A different world from mine…kayole main street, Nairobi Kenya



After all this time, I’ve decided that this is my personal blog!
I started it as a postaday 2011 blog, alongside my poetry one when I found out that it’s impossible to right a poem a day.

Only now do I realise, after my 100day meditation here, that this actually IS my personal blog!
When I started blogging I was so caught up in the cycle of writing well, posting good stuff, reading it online and getting comments.

It’s hard work!

I NEVER would have thought that I would write a ‘personal’ blog – you know, when you’re submitting to directories – PERSONAL BLOG!

Who reads them?!

Now I discover I have an oasis here.

Anything goes. Write – not write. Whine, whinge, break a chair, be utterly obscene (so for all of you who have gotten used to it being a spiritual write here, hold your horses!) be me, for me.

Only now just realising that. Smile.

This morning me and Simon went looking for a school in Nairobi.

our duka where we buy milk and bread

An internet friend of mine has people in Kenya and I’m going to find them!

They are church people and are visiting a school for orphaned AIDs children.

We live in different worlds.
They run this school in the slums – and I can’t explain to you what the slums are in Africa.

Anyway – me, white boyfriend, little pink car.

We live in different worlds everywhere on this planet – we can be so lost in our own that we don’t realise, just next door is a whole new world.

There are Scientists, and Engineers and Architects, and

getting ready to leave…

Artists, and Single Mothers, and Drivers and Cleaners, and Stars.

Everybody is a whole new world.

Then there is Poverty and near poverty, there is Stuggling to keep up with the rest, there is Rich, and there is The-Bills-Are-Paid-Pay-The-Man-in-Black-in-the-chase-car.

But all these people, all these lives are the same. They want to be respected, they want to feel that living is worthwhile, they want to live and have fun and die happy.

That’s all.

Kayole is a long, long way from what I know. It is congested,

our estate

hot, dusty, noisy. It is a foreign land in my Nairobi of leafy surburbs. Not that I am rich – far from it.

But in the land of the poor, a dollar makes you a very rich man…and I have two.

us walking!


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