06 Nov


I simply had to share.

I ask you to keep what you’re feeling RIGHT NOW, in your mind. And follow me for five minutes. Trust me.

If you’re like me, you are probably APPALLED!

I was absolutely LIVID. Flumexed. Flabergasted.

Just sit with it a moment.

The image is of a sitting American President.

I found this image being flashed around some Republican websites.

There have been many pictures like this – people fooling around with photoshop, now that it’s just a click away.

You know the other pictures…Hitler, The Devil…etc, on both sides – Romney AND Obama.

But this one is shocking on several levels.

This is the President of the United States of America.

This is a Black Man.

Depicted as a slut.

This is a woman stripped of all dignity – hidden within an image so hateful of the colour and gender it portrays, it defies belief.

This is a man, degraded.

The woman, a trigger.

OK, breath.

Let the anger slip off you slowly.

Let it slide off your shoulders.

And look at it again.

It is funny.

It is hilarious!

I may be getting old – but this kind of image not only was not possible in my time, but was also, un-imaginable.

Given the sheer evil invested in it, I invite you to just take a look, and laugh.

Because it is funny, not because we are ‘wrestling power back‘ by doing so.

The people wearing the intention behind the making and distribution of this image will have evil to deal with in their lives. That is a given.

But the world has moved so far forward in that grand ‘Good Vs. Evi’l battle that we’re in, that given the depravity, hope that you are standing on the right side of it.


I mean really look at it.

The gait, the glamour of the keys in her hands.

It is so shockingly funny that I posted it on this page so that I remember it forever.

We are so manipulated today – I am so manipulated – by Materialism right now, that the photo is funny because – I think – the winner is actually the manner in which Obama is wearing his costume.

How skinny! How funky! How glamorous! This is a Hollywood starlet caught in the glare of Media spotlight – and I want it.

This is what I glamorise – when I lay awake at night, deep in the throes of a depression brought about by the thought that I will never be rich and famous and wanted.

After this photograph, I will never again agree that money can make you happy.

I won’t even joke about it.

The corruption of my soul from the mere sight of this image has convinced me more concretely than ever, that I am a happy man.

I am happy with my Alzheimic mother even as she forgets who I am.

I am happy with my sisters, drunk or not.

So my dreams have not yet arrived…

I am a happy man, and that is good enough for me.

Because I swear to God – I swear – that I do not want to be – that man who killed for money – who lived for money – who destroyed for money.

I swear that I will find something better to cry for, than not having been good enough

I laughed at this image because at least she wears it well.

Even Jesus would say so.

Already redeemed are those represented here – prostitutes and slaves.

Already redeemed here are the killers trading the image.

My laughter is a breeze that lifts her shoes, and steadies her gait, and attempts to defray, the shame in her depiction.

Not for me, to slay her or her makers, with Anger and Judgment.

I am happy to battle this battle and laugh, and should evil rip me to shreds and leave me naked,  happy to die a simple, happy, man.

Click here for the poem, INSURRECTION


I simply had to share this with you. I love you all, and hope that you are finding a way to battle life – even at the worst of times – with the best of Spirit.

At least the very best you can muster.

Paula! God knows I think about you more than you know – of course, because I haven’t been on for a while! My life has been a whirlwind – but I promise I will get to you!

I never got your gift, and didn’t have the chance to have you get mine – but I know there is rhyme and reason for everything.

I’ll get to you on email.

For the rest of you – shalom! Om Shanti! Peace!
And Onward!

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