Day one: Giving thanks for toilet paper

20 Feb

Funny title eh?

Today was about taking a look around me and thanking God for every little thing I could, little being the key here. What small things do I take for granted everyday?

The day was un-eventful, I managed to notice all the things around me that I was thankful for – even managed the grass and the sunshine.

It was a strange day because I couldn’t make out if I was being truly thankful or just doing it because that was today’s reading. I’m having to question myself right now, if I believe what I’m writing.

I was aware of thinking about being thankful at more moments during the day than I normally am. I took my sisters and my boyfriend out to the theatre today and I looked at them more deeply. I find sometimes, being with people a little hard, but when I began to get irritatied I took a look and thought – not everyone has sisters who love them, not everyone is in a relationship they appreciate.

I was alot more aware of what I’m giving up.

I’m not drinking this lent and suddenly it’s Friday and everyone’s going out and I want to go out!

Don’t know what that means.

I think I will go out and be with my friends and NOT drink. Wonder why THAT makes me feel like I’m making a sacrifice…wonder whether giving time to people even though you can’t join in, is something to think about? I give somethng up, and then blame God for not having fun.

I’m rambling but that’s what I said I was going to do.

I am feeling vaguely bland – but I AM thankful for the small things that I have really.

Hot running water, clothing, food in the fridge, work at the moment, soap to wash my hands.

Yes, I am glad.

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One response to “Day one: Giving thanks for toilet paper

  1. kreemer

    February 20, 2017 at 11:23

    I can hardly believe that this is me. I thank God for allowing this very special time.

    To be a past me, giving the present me advice and discipline.

    Trikaldershi. The three aspects of time.


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