Day seven: Thanks for everything 

26 Feb

Seven days of saying thank you and I find:

That I find it very difficult to hold just one thought in my head the whole day.

That I am grateful for a lot of things;

-my Mum…I love her and I think she’s beautiful
-my sisters…they love me
-my boyfriend…he makes me feel like a man
-myself…I have faith, will travel

That Life isn’t that complicated. Say sorry as you go along.

That I like being respected, that this is the path to arrogance.

That arrogance makes me ugly.

That I enjoy being with Jesus.

That I’m embarrassed about that depending on who knows.

That everybody wants to be appreciated.

That I’m ready for change.

I found today, that I really don’t understand myself. That I don’t know what make me tick, that I’ve never thought it was important.

I’d like to understand myself but I’m afraid of becoming too self-centered.

I’m a lucky human being. I have so much that I have not worked for.

I enjoy having a purpose in life, and seem to have forgotten what it is.

Around the camp fire today, Jesus talks of aliens and exotic technology. He tells me that there is much of the purpose of life that I do not understand. He speaks about the after-life and says, it is not as I think it is.

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name!” (Psalm 100)

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2 responses to “Day seven: Thanks for everything 

  1. Paula Tohline Calhoun

    March 22, 2017 at 09:58

    Know what I just remembered while reading your day’s journey? That Thanksgiving is the path to companionship with God. The 100th Psalm tells us that we cannot even get into God’s courtyard and sound forth our praise, I have missed you. unless we first walk rhrough the gates with thanksgiving. And not because God “needs” it or even expects it, n, but mainly it is for us. True life iis not a noun, it is a verb. God is a verb, love is a verb, thanksgiving is a verb. The most wonderful parts of life are not the things or nouns in it, i is the verbs, the action, the doing. Oh! How I have missed our campfire talks, the sharing and being, the walking through the desert, just knowing that you are my friend, and that one day we will see each other in the flesh (I still believe it!).I have missed you, my friend.

    You have experienced so very much since last we shared. You have endured the shrinking and disappearance of your earthly family, and you are suffering with your Mum in the same way that I did before letting my own amazing Mom go. And I? I am now confined, physically, to my bed or wheelchair. Like you, I have been irritated, a lot. Whenever I feel that way, I for some reason or other think that God laughs, good naturedly (of course!), and indulgently, and pulls me close, whether I desire it or not.

    I will not keep rambling on, so sorry, but I will be catching up with you on the road. Keep an eye out for me, please? Spend a little extra time at the campfire, and wait for me. I am coming as quickly as I can. I love you.I am thanking God for you. I wish for you the abundance of enough. . .


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