Day Twenty Two: appreciating beauty

15 Mar



Oh thank God!

I was sinking in forgiveness and self flaggelation!

Beauty – the splendour of being.

I am awed by charismatic people.

It’s their level of self-awareness, the sheer beauty of their rightness in life.

It’s like they are fully aware that they deserve to be alive, that they are beautiful just as they are and they can and will be here on earth like this.

I’ve always wanted to be charismatic.

I am aware of who attractive I am when I’m in one of those rare moments that everything is right with me.

I’m sure that everyone else has been aware of these moments in their lives when they can see themselves, not with pride, as being the pivot of the moment, the article that makes everything and everyone else alright.

I can’t imagine being like this all the time.

On the other hand, I think that was Michael Jackson’s life.

Many things are beautiful. I find cars beautiful

A good car can make my day.

Well designed.

A good interior can do the same, where I can see the workmanship and precision in the fittings and design.

Actually it’s good design anywhere that really floats my boat.

And Architecture, and sculpture, and painting.

And a good poem can make me weep.

And a photograph can stop time.

I never really look at people though.

I can tell who’s beautiful in that what-society-says-at-the-moment kind of way….but I really don’t apprectiate that. It’s neither here nor there for me.

I do like people to put themselves together though….can’t stand slopiness…dirty nails…

So I spent today just looking at things around me and trying to find the beauty in them.

I live in a beautiful city – hadn’t noticed.

I just notice the trash and poverty and the lack.

Tonight I’m out with Jesus alone – I’ve stolen him from the pack….actually he asked me to go for a walk, and I’m feeling chuffed.

You know, when I was younger I had this theory – that if you were sexually attracted to someone on first meeting, that there was a reason we were meeting (outside of the sex)!

I’ve thought about whether Jesus is sexy.

Is he? Is that allowed?


“Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice.”  (Philippians 4:4)

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