Day Twenty-eight: Icongraphy

21 Mar

Was Jesus beautiful?

Was he an African? An Arab?

Why do we have pictures of Jesus?

I think about Muslims, and how they do not depict God at all, no physical representation.

Was Jesus, God?

It’s that holy trinity thing.

And Mary?

Is Mary beautiful?

And what is a beautiful icon?

You know…I’ve confronted the color of these representations a number of times.

Why was it so hard, to change the color of Jesus?

I don’t know how to imagine him.

I watched a program on Natural Geographic where they reconstruct him using computer.

It was interesting.

He’s an Arab. He looks like an Israeli. Not that the two accept the similarities between them.

I grew up in a Catholic school. There were rosaries and stained glass windows.

I have problems with who they deciede, deserves communion.

I have problems with how they organise themselves around the ‘Truth’.

Yet, they have beautiful aritifacts.

The history of Christianity is not beautiful.

Must I be Catholic, Anglican, Protestant, Lutheran, Mennonite – to get to God?

Strange question because they all answered ‘no’  when they broke away.


Is the cross beautiful?

Do we define beauty ourselves or does it exist outside of us?

Jesus is looking scraggly tonight.

He is talking beautiful words though, of my freedom from this world, and a life beyond evil.

Is this world beautiful?


“A great sign appeared in Heaven, a woman clothed with the sun and the moon at her feet, and on her head a crown of 12 stars and she was with child…” (Revelation 12-13)

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