Day Thirty-seven: The little things

29 Mar



Kenya has a small airport in Global terms.

It’s the biggest African international gateway though, outside of Johannesburg.

One day, after a night out with my friends, I heard an advert on the radio, about Concorde being on a round the world trip, celebrating something or other, and that it would be landing in Nairobi.

The first fifty people to get to the Airport would get a free trip to the coast, breakfast on the beach, and we’d be back in Nairobi for lunch.

I was the first one there.

I was the only one there.

Save for the surly young lady setting up the Kenya Airways counter.

“Here for the Concorde” I said curtly, having been ignored for five minutes, in favour of brightly coloured nail-varnish and lip gloss.

“Ya. Really. And Concorde won’t just slip off the end of our runways and fall off the edge…”

I followed her gaze to the date.

I’ve never been April fooled before.

How was your April fools? Is it a National sport where you are?

I’ve learned a lot this weekend.

So much happened, I can’t put it all down.

I went out with friends – it was so sudden – and it was a lot of fun!

But I remembered, to my dismay, that one of the things I had given up for lent was going out.

I guess, I actually made it to lent-end, but you see, mine was supposed to go on until my forty days…this Friday I think.

I spent a lot of money, we partied in style – had not a single thought for those who have less, spared not a even a second to ponder being without.

I felt so guilty yesterday – then received a good talking to.

All around me there was God. Through my mum, I got a message of great pride in who I am.

Through my sisters I got a sense of immense gratitude for how I am with the family.

From my boyfriend I got the feeling of being needed, and loved and cherished.

I heard God laughing in everything, I got a full sense of BEING OK, outside of what I MYSELF had accomplished.

It’s raining here now – it’s the long rains, and it cleanses everything. A good scrub. Sometimes it drowns us too, but this year looks ok.

I feel a deep gratitude toward my hundred days of love blog buddy, Paula (Reflections from a cloudy mirror), for just kinda….walking with me.

I feel a deep sense of Awe for Jesus.

I feel a great sense of responsibility coming my way, but also a vast sense of ability to handle it, and fun.

I feel connected to possibility.

I also feel like Peter. Where was I whilst Jesus was praying? Partying?

Even now there is laughter behind me.

“Enjoyed yourself, did you?”

Oh dear, and now I’ve forgotten to talk about the little things, the little things we do for each other.


“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” (Matthew 7:12)



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