Day Forty-one: Trust as Sacrifice, trusting Sunday

02 Apr



It’s Ressurection Sunday tomorrow and I’m pumped.

I’m also a little apprehensive.

I’ve planned a full day of Church and Meditation.

Even Monday will be a day of silent meditation.

Half of me really wants to be done with this – I feel overly pious, somewhat ‘too holy’.

What’s the term? Weird.

I’m wearing white and I start the day at 3am tomorrow.

What if nothing happens?

Today I discovered that the Nun who’s leading One Hundred Days of Love Meditation is 74yrs old.

She says that sometimes she doesn’t trust the future. That she worries about her plans.

I do too.

She says she’s had 74yrs to go through things far worse than what she faces today, so she’s learned to ‘sacrifice the worry’ for trust. She’s says, there’s pleasure in worry that’s hidden and it’s bad for you.

What happens on Resurrection Sunday? What?

I have a hard time ‘trusting’ the future but I’m changing that.

I am learning to trust tomorrow, today.


“God is for us a refuge and strength, a helper close at hand, in time of distress.” Psalm 46


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