Day Forty-two: taking every sacrifice to God

03 Apr

I didn’t understand this at first.

When I make a sacrifice, it affects me because it appears as something I am doing without, for the sake of someone else.

When I take this to God, it ceases to be a sacrifice and becomes, instead, and immediately, a blessing.

It’s not that now, I rush to make sacrifices so that I can reap blessings, but that I needn’t be afraid of them, in God because, of everything, THESE do not fail.

There are no GOOD sacrifices and BAD sacrifices.

They are guaranteed, and direct, and bare no relationship to the beneft – which are apparent, immediate and on-going.

In God, a sacrifice is work done on his behalf, with his seal, whether it’s seen this way or not, whether it’s taken on this way or not.

Sacrifice is participating directly in the function of God, participating in God’s very nature.

Yesterday I looked for Jesus everywhere, and found him in everyone.

Not shouting, not spectacular – although with the promise that before the week is out, spectacular revelation will come – but honest and sincere, and beautiful.

Victory is not boastful.

It’s accomplishment in me is peace, and power.

May you all enjoy victory this week.


“Bear one another’s burdens…” Galatians 6:2

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