Day Forty-three: monitoring friendliness around you

04 Apr



So, it’s Tuesday.

The excitment of Lent and Easter and Ressurection is fading away, leaving a warm, delicate feeling of emerging into sunshine.

I can hear birds newly, see people newly.

It feels good. Not radically different, and yet, under-lying it all, a great sense of expectancy and peace.

I can deal with everything.

My hundred day journey continues however, and though my first response is a groan (Paula! my goodness! more????!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh – runs away from the laptop with my hand jammed into my afro…)

This week we deal with friendliness.

The nun who delivers the One Hundred Days is obviously a tech freak of some sort…one of those who’s decieded that the only way we can communicate is through email, and IT MUST WORK OR ELSE LIFE STOPS!

Anyway, it’s clear that she takes everything to God.

Monitering my friendliness, I am immediately aware at how I was with the gas-station attendant who didn’t fix my puncture as he said he would on two occasions.

I was testy and dismissive.

I realise that when I feel hurt or ignored I can become haughty.

Haughtiness is dealing with people as though they are less worthy than you.

It’s ugly enough when used with people who really couldn’t care less what you think, but it’s darn right destructive when used on those who do not feel as good as you.

It’s abhorrent and I have no right.

It’s mid-day – usually I write on the night after the day so I have something to say, but sometimes that means that I haven’t done the work until then!

Today I’m going to see what I’m like with people, what they’re like with me, and what they’re like with each other.


Proverbs 17:17 and 18:24

Paula, today I noticed that the verse she’s given is utterly different from what I have in MY bible! You?

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