Day Forty – six: Touch someone… 

07 Apr



I feel like I’m swimming in Mud!

It’s like that with projects isn’t it? When do YOU find you start getting in trouble?

For me it’s around the half-way mark.

Anyway todays thought was on loving touch.

I’m a VERY touchy-feely man. Love it, love to cuddle, to stroke, to pet….

Actually, I USED to, certainly before college.

It became alot more difficult as I grew – I can’t do it if I’m feeling fake, and for some reason, I started feeling fake about touching people as soon as I started college.

I still enjoy it very much – and Simon’s a mushy one so that’s working very well.

But – how often do I touch strangers?

Is it appropriate?

I’ve discovered that if I can’t touch someone – then there is something in the way that I have not dealt with.

Today, I’ll just notice when people touch each other, when I do, and what happens as a result.

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