Day Fifty-five: Patience within the church

16 Apr


Ahhhh, gossip!

I love all the shenanegans that go on behind the spiritual curtains.

The Brahma Kumaris are a nun-like community. The sisters and brothers live there, and wear white. They are celibate. So when you get a glimpse of the going’s on it’s like Days of our Lives.

Who got sister Vedanta’s eye? Whose bag of crips that was – flavoured no less. Why that new one enjoys Sister Nita’s company so much.

I think it’s the same in monastries and temples everywhere.

Human beings are human beings anywhere and I feel so sorry watching them deal with the falleness of it all.

Still, more often than not, it’s the patience that they show each other and the happenings of the world that touches me.

I find peace and space there, where I’m not judged. At least not until I’ve been there long enough to have been ‘read’.

I’m still having a hard time with patience – long week – but I’m calming down with it a little and I can tell that, along with Gratitude, Patience will be something I’m left with long after the hundred days are over.

Wishing you all great patience with yourself and your loved ones.


“Do not kick against the goad.” (Acts 9:5)

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