Day sixty-five: My greatest anxieties 

26 Apr

Today I am to face my greatest anxiety with the Peace of God.

You know, it’s working.

I am facing the greatest period of change I have encountered in my life until now.

Tomorrow I meet with lawyers over an issue related to my fathers estate, and Friday I see the City Council.

My family depends on what happens.

Internally, my biggest fear has always been that I’m not good enough.

On Sunday I heard God (even though this sounds crazy) tell me, it’s done, it’s hear, you graduate now.

I have great anxiety.

And I have the deepest peace I have ever experienced.

And it’s real peace.

I don’t understand this peacefully fearful place.

But I’m suddenly NOT standing where I used to be.

It feels good.

“Jesus made calm on the lake” (Mark 4:41)

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One response to “Day sixty-five: My greatest anxieties 

  1. kreemer

    April 26, 2017 at 12:55

    I don’t know what to say.
    Almost exactly the same time today, 5 years later.

    Drink deep this message Kenny


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