Day seventy-two: simplifying possessions to make room for love

03 May



I was without a vehicle again today.

And at around 10am, the electricity went off.

I haven’t been in as bad a mood as I was yesterday, but I was on the net on my phone almost the whole day.

I have two books that I keep starting, intending to finish some day.


I am dependent on having certain things in my life;




A car

Someone to cook for me

Someone to wash my cloths.


Missing any of these sends me into instant turmoil.


If I had a lot of money, what would I do?


Get some kitchen appliances – hell, do up the house!

Get a new car.

Get a couple of new phones.

Get a new computer.

Pay off all mine and Simon’s debts.

Buy something substantial for each member of the family.


That would be enough.


Would it?

If I had more money, would I then need something else?

Just this, or that other thing?


What keeps me from doing what I want to do now?


Pride has alot to do with it. I need my car. I need my phones. Cannot appear in public without those.

Can I move DOWN from what I am accustomed to, and still feel that life is good, that it’s worth living?


I want a new life for myself, a re-newed sense of purpose.

I am looking for a reason to live that inspires me again.


How shall I measure my life?


I have the feeling that, behind my back, mountains are moving.


“Is not this the fast that I choose…Is it not to share your bread with the hungry?” ( Isaiah 58:7)



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