Day seventy-six: simplifying prayer

07 May



“Thou art called by name, thou art mine … when you walk through the waters, I will be with you.” (Isaiah 43:1-1)


I spent the day on my own.

I’m anxious again, about tomorrow and the day after.

I ‘talk’ to God alot.

I mean, I think alot and constantly involve God in that thinking.

It doesn’t feel like prayer – but I do sometimes, imagine that it is real conversation.

When I pray, my thoughts are often so complicated, and coming all at once – that I can’t find the words, or I don’t say what I’m trying to say, or I get stuck pleading, or praising, or rambling.

This afternoon I found myself singing in the shower.

I found a melody and sang, ‘Oh Lord’ over and over again.

It was strange.

I really enjoyed it.

I felt heard.

I’m at Simons and I’m learning that I can’t ALWAYS listen to him, can’t ALWAYS want to make him comfortable.

Can I ALWAYS listen to God?

Do I ALWAYS hear what he is saying?


Photo – Dhaami at Gossamer dreams 

P.S. I’m so conscious today about that term ‘HE’. Why ‘HE’? If I were a woman and spoke to God all the time as ‘HE’ it would affect how I view him.

I tried calling him, HER, and it confused me!

Just a thought.

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One response to “Day seventy-six: simplifying prayer

  1. kreemer

    May 7, 2017 at 07:33

    You can’t please everyone.


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