Day seventy-eight: Anger 2 – being aware of it in my life.

10 May



So, I woke up angry.

It’s a horrible way to wake up.

Everything is dark and dangerous, and your primed for things to go wrong.

I remembered that I’m thinking about Anger this week and realising that I’ve come here through Peace, I am attempting to breath and relax and release this Anger.

I don’t know if its an active thing I’m supposed to be doing – looking at the source of my Anger, forgiving the cause of it, etc.

I can’t even think in these terms because as soon as I think about it, I am angry.

We go before the judge on the 6th of June and I’ve told my lawyer to throw the gauntlet.

I will let the situation play itself out.


What I really dislike is the way that it seems to have taken over everything.


So. This is what it looks like. I can’t enjoy myself, or the people and things around me. But, being aware that I am angry, I am also aware that it’s wasting my time, so I’m going to try and let it be, and let myself be too.


“My peace I give you…” (John 14:27)

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One response to “Day seventy-eight: Anger 2 – being aware of it in my life.

  1. kreemer

    May 10, 2017 at 00:32

    Hey, Kenny!
    Anger is something you don’t do very often now.

    I’m so thankful. From this moment on, I will love myself forever, just as I am.


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