Day eighty: understanding the motives of others…

12 May



“The anger of man works not the justice of God.” (James 1:20)


I had a massive headache today.

All day.


I haven’t thought about being angry the whole day, so I haven’t been angry.

Funny how that works.


What are ‘other peoples motives’?

Are they important?

Sarcasm is an extremely insulting way to be. It makes the worst assumption of the other parties motives and delivers an action based on this assumption.

Something annoys me about communication. I hate it when, if you don’t reply to an email or an sms, people get angry or hurt.


Many times I have not been through my emails – they get overwhelming sometimes – and deleted them all, only to have some person behave weirdly on me and then find out that they’ve made up this huge and completely false story about why I didn’t reply.

I think it’s selfish first of all, but more than anything, it’s a complete disregard of choice on my behalf.


If I don’t receive a reply to something I figure is important, I will call or make a point to find the person and ask about it.

I will not assume that they hate me, or are avoiding me, or I’m somehow not important.

People have things to do, and can freely choose whether or not they want to ‘reply’ to me.


I am exercising my freedom to be in Peace despite what is happening around me.

If I cannot directly influence proceeding, I must allow proceedings to proceed.


I am worried about my health and I’m worried about a case that’s going before the courts on Wednesday next week.


I will keep rowing. There must be land up ahead.

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